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The Muslim-British Race War – Encouraged by the State

Islamic Protestors :Picture from the New English Review 

The British authorities are in league with Muslims against their own people.
The constant appeasement of Muslims encourages them to do what they like. Birmingham police and Broad Street Marshalls allow Muslim taxi drivers to park in bus lanes, block double-yellow lines, make three-point turns and U turns in the middle of busy and over the central reservations on Broad Street with impunity. Members of the public constantly complain but the police ignore law abiding citizens and cover-up for Muslim law breakers.

They do not just keep small things like that from the public: they suppress serious activities like the news of terrorist training camps near Birmingham. The editors of the Birmingham's three local papers also kept it from the public.
In Birmingham and London trainees learnt hand-to-hand combat and survival skills and for military training in they went to the Yemen and Afghanistan. After the London bombings, The Times reported that “a dozen members” of British Muslim group Al-Muhajiroun “have taken part in suicide bombings or have become close to Al-Qaeda and its support network.”

In January 2007 the group's leader Omar Bakri revealed that Islamist extremists were infiltrating the police and other public sector organisations. The Daily Mail exposed eight members of al-Qaeda in the police.

RAF Nimrod planes have picked-up Birmingham accents in Afghanistan amongst Taliban fighters. One Taliban fighter had an Aston Villa tattoo. (1) There is no excuse for the political, academic and media elites allowing a race war to develop in Britain.
As far back as 4 May 2003, The Sunday Telegraph’s Alasdair Palmer wrote: “Britain has become the headquarters of choice for extremist Islamic preachers, who now have a network of organisations dedicated to sowing pure hatred: hatred of the West, of democracy, and of the values of tolerance and freedom — the very values that give them the freedom to operate here: ‘Your task against the infidel,’ says one video, ‘is to kill their children, take their women, destroy their homes.’”

What is behind the security services allowing Muslim extremists to weapon train and develop networks here? Here is a clue: former Italian President Francesco Cossiga admitted in the Italian paper Corriere della Sera in 2008, that in the 1970s, the Italian government allowed Arab terrorist groups freedom of movement in the country in exchange for immunity from attacks.

The government of Prime Minister Aldo Moro reached a “secret non-belligerence pact between the Italian state and Palestinian resistance organisations, including terrorist groups. Moro designed the terms of the agreement with Arab terrorists, Cossiga said. “The terms of the agreement were that the Palestinian organisations could even maintain armed bases of operation in the country, and they had freedom of entry and exit without being subject to normal police controls, because they were ‘handled’ by the secret services.”

The security services have operated a similar deal in Britain. On 22 August 1998, the newspaper Al Sharq Al Awsat quoted Omar Bakri: “I work here in accordance with the covenant of peace which I made with the British government when I got Asylum.”
This covenant allowed Muslim extremists to plan attacks abroad and develop terror networks here. In 1999 it was reported that each year approximately 2,000 Muslims were trained about Holy War at camps in Britain run by Al-Muhajiroun. The police, security services and the Home Secretary Theresa May are still operating a Covenant with Muslim extremists and potential terrorists as we will see towards the end of this essay when we look at the recent ceremony for the victims of 9/11 outside the American Embassy in Grosvenor Square.

In Blackpool the police refuse to warn parents about Muslims who groom and rape their daughters so parents are unable to protect them. Everywhere you look in small things as well as large, you see the police and other authorities siding with Muslims against the British people. The evils and injustices done to innocent British people by our rulers are some of the worst inhuman history yet they blame us if anything goes wrong because they will not accept responsibility themselves. (2)

Even during growing and obvious hostility between Muslims and Britons the Government imports more Muslims to augment their street armies: U.K. Muslim Population Grows 10 Times Faster Than the Rest of the Nation. The Muslim population in the U.K. has grown by more than 500,000 to 2.4 million in four short years. Muslims multiplied 10 times faster than the rest of the Nation, the research by the Office for National Statistics reveals. These figures were up to 2008 so I suspect in 2011 you could almost double this. Here is some figures from 20045 The total number of Muslims in Great Britain: 2004: 1,087,000 2005: 2,017,000

A ludicrous aspect is that we have our money misappropriated to pay for our own destruction. On 12th September The Telegraph reported:
The “coping classes” increasingly are struggling with the responsibility of looking after two generations, the equality watchdog says.

This is in a 700-page report that forms the first comprehensive survey of disadvantage and discrimination across Britain. “While the country today is more tolerant than in 1970, society is still not fair for many people, it says. The economic crisis and the Government’s proposed spending cuts threaten to make inequality worse, it says. The report, How Fair is Britain?
Unemployment among ethnic minorities costs the economy almost £8.6 billion a year in benefits and lost revenue from taxes. Half of Muslim men and three quarters of Muslim women are unemployed.
The country has a strong sense of tolerance and fair play. However, racism and religious prejudice are increasing, while hostility towards immigration has grown.”

That is a clear statement of official bias in favour of Muslims. You see the Elites have brought this situation about but rather than face their own culpability use the connative term “racism” and “religious prejudice” which only apply to Whites to make us scapegoats. Are they saying invading Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq is not religious prejudice and racism?

On 7 July 2005 52 victims of Third World immigration were blown up in London. There have been other outrages since, like the one on 29 June 2007, in London when two car bombs were planted but disabled before they could be detonated. The first was left near the Tiger Tiger nightclub in Haymarket at about 1:30 am. and another in nearby Cockspur Street.
The first was reported to the police by an ambulance crew attending an incident at Tiger Tiger when they noticed suspicious fumes; around an hour later, the second was found when the car was given a ticket for parking, and then an hour later, transported to the car pound at Park Lane where staff smelt a strong smell of petrol. When they heard about the first bomb attempt they reported the vehicle to police. A link established to the attempt at Glasgow International Airport. Bilal Abdullah was arrested and sentenced to 32 years in prison for conspiracy to commit murder in both incidents. The important point is they should not be here to murder and maim us as we should not be invading their countries for the now. There was an attempt to behead a Muslim soldier for serving in the British army.
The Sunday Times of June 11, 2006 reported that Rear Admiral Chris Parry, one of Britain’s most senior military strategists warned that western civilisation faces a threat on a par with the barbarian invasions that destroyed the Roman empire.
He said future migrations would be comparable to the Goths and Vandals while north African “
Barbary” pirates could be attacking yachts and beaches in the Mediterranean within 10 years.
Europe, including Britain, could be undermined by large immigrant groups with little allegiance to their host countries—a “
reverse colonisation”. These groups would stay connected to their homelands by the internet and cheap flight.

Enoch told Southall Chamber of Commerce on 4th November 1971:
“Yet it is more truly when he looks into the eyes of Asia that the Englishman comes face to face with those who will dispute with him possession of his native land.”

These Muslims are right in their grouse that our corrupt leaders are waging a war against their homelands and people; but we are right in our grouse that they are importing Muslims into our homelands to destroy our way of life, our countries and us as a people. It will take proper international organisation one day to return them to their homelands, and for us to stop bombing them in theirs. For Cameron to send the RAF out to bomb Arab civilians including women and children is despicable; but to invite aggrieved Muslims from these countries when they are full of hatred for us is sick. We must make it clear to Muslims that we mean them no harm it is our rulers who are waging war on them but we can not co-exist together in our countries.

A memorial service for the 67 British victims of the 9/11 terror attack was held in the US Embassy gardens with the families of the victims. It was televised and when it began there was loud shouting through megaphones from the Muslims Against Crusades who the police had allowed to disrupt the ceremony and it was clearly heard by the guests and broadcast to the world. The US flag was burnt in “honour" of the "Martyrs of 9/11" across the road from the American Embassy while the political police stood watching.
Some of the drips in attendance were: Prince Charles and Camilla, David Cameron, the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Labour leader Ed Miliband, U.S. ambassador to the UK Louis Susman and London mayor Boris Johnson and his wife who were attacked by Muslims on their way to the ceremony. The chants which were clear to these appeasers will not make an impression on their minds as they are living in a fantasy: Prince Charles will continue promoting Muslim causes including saying that the world needs to follow Islam for peace and Cameron will make no attempt to stop immigration even if the EU would let him which they will not. Western elites have brought race war into our countries and bear the responsibility and the guilt. (3)
These promoters of the idea that Islam is a religion of peace stood and listened as the two-minute silence was disrupted by Muslim protesters chanting and waving placards as well as burning the flag. Tellingly, the police moved on a group of English Defence League protesters, who had gathered to oppose the demonstration, to make way for the MAC supporters. Then the political police stood and watched as the American flag was burned. Once again we have been humiliated in front of the world.
The EDL attempt to prevent this insult to American and British victims of 9/11 was prevented by the police and resulted in two good members being stabbed, running battles on Oxford Street, Hyde Park-Speakers Corner, Edgeware Road, and around the American Embassy.
A disgusting senior police officer read the riot Act to decent British people then allowed Muslims to humiliate us in front of the world. I have more respect for malaria than that four-eyed tit. It is time to withhold the portion of council tax that funds this police oppression of legitimate British activities like paying respects to the dead of 9/11.(4) It is clear that the police are being used against us, and it is disappointing that they obey these orders.

The police moved the EDL along so the Muslims could protest and burn the American flag. But even more sinister, Home Secretary Theresa May who allowed the Muslims to protest against the ceremony routinely bans EDL protests against Muslim extremists. So Theresa May you encourage Muslim extremism on our streets? They were wearing war clothing but you know that don't you?
The government are culpable because they have regular security briefings from the Security Services, MI5, MI6 and Special Branch so they knowingly allowed Muslim extremists to humiliate us and insult our American allies. The police favourtism to Muslim extremists and oppression of honourable British people trying to pay their respects to the victims of 9/11 would have been on Home Office instructions through briefings
There were two EDL supporters stabbed later by Muslim extremists but the media routinely suppress that sort of thing. We must pretend how wonderful and successful multi-racialism is. In July 2010, totalitarian MP for Stourbridge Margot James urged Home Office ministers Nick Herbert MP (police) and James Brokenshire MP (crime prevention) to strengthen the law giving police powers to ban rallies likely to pose a risk to public order. She was referring to EDL demos not Notting Hill Carnival or Muslim demos.
The Muslim demonstrators wore terrorists headgear and brandished the Muslim black flag of war. These were street soldiers, a war party, and the police took their side against honourable British people.
The media are also withholding news of EDL leader Tommy Robinson's hunger strike in Bedford prison. (5)The prison where John Bunyan languished 350 years ago. These corrupt and inadequate fools we have running this Britain have turned this country into a third-world shithole and, even worse, in many areas a warzone. Welcome to Enoch's racial civil war courtesy of our New World Order Western elites.



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The Shooting has Begun Part 1

black hand_holding_a_gun
During the 1981 riots Enoch explained that the way to find out what was going on was to read European media because British media obfuscates the truth. Those riots he pointed out were attacks on the police.  At the heart of the recent riots there were also attacks on the police which included firing at them with handguns in Birmingham. The media behave like the media in the Soviet Union where what the ideology said was happening was pushed by media rather than what was really happening. Russians were constantly told there was no crime in Russia.

There have been many warnings since immigration began but senior police chose to keep crime figures secret to further their own careers and kid the public that everything was working out when it was not.
The first Parliamentary debate on immigration was on the 5th of November 1954. John Hynd Labour M.P. in Sheffield said the colour bar in Sheffield dance halls because of knife fights was justified. Both Hynd and another Labour M.P., James Johnson, called for a committee of enquiry to be set up and speakers repeatedly asked the Government to take action but Henry Hopkinson(c), Minister of State at the Colonial Office told them “the matter is receiving urgent attention.” He did admit that he had received many letters from worried M.P.’s on both sides.

Winston Churchill battled in cabinet against appeasers but was old and ailing. Harold Macmillan entered in his diary for January 20th 1955: "More discussion about the West Indian immigrants. A Bill is being drafted - but it's not an easy problem. P.M. thinks 'Keep England White' a good slogan!” The bill was not ready till June 1955, two months after Churchill had to stand down.

Peter Hennessy, 'Having It So Good - Britain in the Fifties' (Allen Lane, 2006) p 224

Hennessy's reference is: Peter Catterall (ed.), 'The Macmillan Diaries: The Cabinet Years, 1950-1957' Macmillan. 2003 p 382

The fifth Marquess of Salisbury wrote to Viscount Swinton in 1954: “I should not be satisfied with the legislation which you suggest. I feel that it would only be tinkering with what is really becoming a fundamental problem for us all, though it is only beginning to push its ugly head above the surface of politics. The figures which we have been given make it clear that we are faced with a problem which, though at present it may be only a cloud the size of a man’s hand, may easily come to fill the whole political horizon …With each year that passes, and with the general improvement with methods of transportation, the flow increases. Indeed, if something is not done to check it now, I should not be at all surprised if the problem became quite unmanageable in twenty or thirty-years time. We might well be faced with very much the same type of appalling issue that is now causing such great difficulties for the United States.”

In a 1965 debate Cyril Osborne, who had begun his campaign against mass immigration in 1954, said:” Our children and our grandchildren will curse us for our moral cowardice. The conflict these great men foresaw has arrived.

Birmingham Chief Constable Chris Sims announced at a press conference on 20th August:   “ I have taken the decision... perhaps an unusual decision ...  I want to to release into the public domain... footage showing people firing into lines of police officers...evidence of several gunmen, evidence of a level of planning.  What we are looking at is a concerted attempt to kill or injure police officers... it is also a threat to the wider community.” (2)

I am truly sorry about this danger to the lives of police officers but what did senior police officers, media and politicians expect?  This is the coming to fruition of years of appeasement of ethnics. 
During the 1981 riots politicians and media tried to pretend they were not Black but "Youth" riots because some Whites joined in.

Enoch explained the way to find the cause was like in medical science when trying to discover the cause of an epidemic: look for the common denominator. The common denominator is that the riots originated in Black areas. The way to understand the cause is to compare their behaviour here with that in Jamaica, Somalia, American cities and Africa.  (3)You have your answer.

The inner contradiction will soon be evident: despite the media trying to pretend it is not race based, there will be appeasement of the Black community, politicians will call for more handouts, faux-experts like Ted Candle will seek to scapegoat Whites.

The media smooth things over, adapt events to the official racial-equality ideology and show a disproportionate number of pictures of Whites. The excuse that it is caused by poverty is a hundred years old and a bit quaint now. The idea that it is racism that keeps people down is silly because as this essay shows ethnics get preferential treatment. Furthermore, rioters and looters didn’t look angry or oppressed but were enjoying themselves and looking happy.

The areas these shootings occurred are notorious mugging areas were Whites are not safe to walk unless they know you. These are the Newtown and Aston areas breeding ground of Birmingham's two notorious Black gangs The Johnsons and The Burger Boys. These are substitute families.
I worked in this area 17 years ago and it was well-known then that young “gangstas” carried guns.  In fact the notorious killing of a young Black girl by her brother happened in Aston. (4)
The local authorities, including the police, have allowed these gangs to take over areas and businesses and not won their support but their contempt.  People hate weakness in others.

The sad reality is that the local authorities are creating this situation by allowing it to develop.  On Sunday nights on Broad Street in Birmingham a local bar put on R&B nights. This music is very popular with young Blacks and the gangstas and this city-centre venue caters for them.  The door staff have to be changed as they would be targets walking through the streets and would be waited for outside for even minor transgressions like not letting certain people in.  They are replaced by Black door staff from a different area. It is being changed to a “members only” event to prevent innocent people blundering in and being beaten. They have knife arches outside to detect metal and only serve drinks in plastic not glass.  White women go there but it would not be safe for White men.

Outside the bar the door staff put up barriers to stop them getting out and running riot.  But what is highly dangerous is when the gangstas try to take guns in with them. The police respond with armed police officers brandishing machine guns who line the gangstas on the floor handcuff their hands behind their backs and take their guns off them. Recently, the violence was so bad that they had a police helicopter circling above the venue.  But this is never reported.

The local authorities conspire to keep it from the public.  The police, local council, the editors of the 3 principle Birmingham newspapers and The Broad Street Marshalls keep it quiet.

There has always been ample evidence that trying to force different racial groups together leads to conflict and mutual hatreds, so the authorities have no excuses.

There were racial battles in 1948 between 31 July and 2 August in Liverpool, in Deptford on the 18th July; and Birmingham between the 6th and 8th of August 1949.  The idealists ignored those as they had racial battles in 1919 in Liverpool and Cardiff.  They do so out of fear of standing up against the orthodox view (PC) and being pilloried.

Enoch told the House of Commons the consequences of immigration on 24 May, 1976:  "Yet even though that picture is dark and darkening, there is one factor which has not yet been injected. I do not know whether it will be tomorrow, or next year, or in five years; but it will come. That factor is firearms and explosives. With communities which are so divided nothing can prevent the injection of explosives which we know perfectly well from experience in other parts of the United Kingdom and the world. At first there will be horrified astonishment, and inquiry as to what we have done wrong that such things should be happening. Then there will be feverish endeavour to find methods to allay the supposed grievances which lie behind the violence. Then follows exploitation by those who use violence of the ascendancy they have thus gained over the majority and over authority. The thing goes forward, acting and reacting, until a position is reached in which—I shall dare say it—compared with those areas, Belfast today will seem an enviable place."

Published in A Nation or No Nation? Six Years in British Politics (Elliot Right Way Books, 1977), p. 161

The situation in Birmingham is the same in immigrant areas all over the country.  In Edmonton  north London on  Thursday 25th of August a police van was petrol bombed for no reason. (5)
 I watched the London news on ITN and it never mentioned it. Another article in the Guardian is interesting as the Welsh want demographic change to be taken into account when building new homes. (6)

There are secondary causes.  In a Newsnight discussion David Starkey, put the riots down to the corrupting influence of particular type of Black culture. (7) He was attacked on the programme even by the supposedly neutral presenter Emily Maitlis and later by another partial senior BBC figure, Robert Peston. Then a 100 academics wrote a letter attacking him to The Telegraph.

Academic historians are establishment ideologues not objective investigators.  Starkey had “ Disgraced the academic world”, they claimed?  The academic world has been in disgrace for a long time. The treatment of Dr James Watson after his "controversial" remarks stands out as a particularly strong sign of how institutions that are supposed to be about facts and truth have been promoting the orthodox ideology as in Communist countries. Rather than refute any of Watson's claims they attacked him personally, even suggesting he was going senile, and David Starkey's hero David Lammy criticised him ideologically, but not on factual grounds. This Nobel prize winner, co-discover of DNA was being insulted by semi-educated journalists. Now the same thing is happening to Starkey because broke the most important Establishment taboo. The 100 signatures mean nothing; facts to do not change because weak-minded and biased people want them to. The truth is not a democracy where you can collect signatures to decide what really went on. The signatories resort to assumptions:

The 100 academics attacking Starkey recalls the Nazi's - "100 scientists against Einstein", pamphlet. This is intimidation and academic bullying. These 100 intellectual lightweights are showing their anti-White credentials as Soviet intellectuals denounced  others.

How do these 'academics' know that Starkey's wrong when they have the "No Platform Policy" endorsed by the NUS, and their use of UAF thugs to silence politically incorrect speakers at universities? Academic progress is supposed to be achieved by hearing opposing viewpoints?
If this find this type of Black culture is difficult to define, how do people know what to put in "Black History Month" or MOBO?
A classic example of their bias is that "academics" at the LSE have attacked him. Is this the LSE that took a £1.5 million bung from Saif Gadaffi for a plagiarised PHD and allowed him to deliver the Ralph Milliband memorial lecture on "Democracy in Libya"?

Starkey never blamed race for the problems as the elites blame Whites.  They are racist against Whites.  Racism hopes to blame problems on a racial scapegoat. If the Hutus have a bad crop, it must be because of the Tutsi; if there are race riots in England it must be because of White racism.
Nationalism says that our most basic form of political order is advanced tribalism: people are united by culture, heritage, language, customs, values and descent from ancestors not political ideology, like “capitalist democracy” versus “socialist authoritarianism,” Rule of Law (which they are suspending to cope with problems of immigration).
There are currently 20,000 diseased Africans in this country with AIDS but the elites never any health warnings to young girls not to sleep with them.  That is both irresponsible in failing to protect the innocent and also shows hatred for their own ordinary people.

A factor that is never considered is the constant and consistent stirring up of race hatred against Whites in Blacks by the corrupt elites who are making ordinary people pay for their own feelings of shame at our past and our history. They do this by continually promoting a perverse interpretation of slavery and to make sure they have stirred up hatred against Whites they open up museums to further push erroneous view of our part in the slave trade and incite more hatred. This is racism pure and simple.

Nationalism is something every ethnic group can use to their advantage but in their own countries otherwise with masses of immigrants that have a different culture and genetic heritage you find the ethnic warfare we have starting here.  This is part of a worldwide reaction against Globalism as multi racial states voluntarily break down into Ethno Nationalist groups. In small numbers people adapt but with mass immigration in such a short time you get serious ethnic wars and dispossession. Ask the Tutsis, Hutus and Native Americans. (8)


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The Establishment De-Humanisation of Opponents

  • The government has donated over £1.2 million to a road show which makes a hero of black racist Malcolm X, while it dehumanises its opponents and sets them up for violent attacks. The payment to “Radical Middle Way” organisation is part of the government’s £100 million “anti-terrorist” programme called “Prevent.” and is to be expandedby Home Secretary Jacqui Smith.
    But October the 26th is the anniversary of a rare event in England – a bomb attack on an mp’s home in 1965. This is a lesson that de-humanising a politician could have fatal consequences as happened to Pym Fortuyn and Theo Van Gogh. Mr.Griffiths had been Member of Parliament for Smethwick (now Warley) for just a year. He had been leader of the Conservative group on the council and won the election of 15th October 1964 against a national swing to Labour, which was led by Harold Wilson. The defeated MP Patrick Gordon Walker was Foreign Secretary designate and a personal friend of Wilson. Mr.Griffith’s turned Walker’s 3,544 majority into 1,774 for the Conservatives.
    Alderman Griffiths was local-born and headmaster of nearby primary school, Fir Tree Lane. Mr.Walker lived in Hamstead Garden Suburb. Peter Griffiths lost his seat in March 1966 to Andrew Faulds (Labour) who lived in Stratford –upon-Avon!
    Biased reporting created a dangerous climate in which Mr.Griffiths ceased to be seen as human and became a “racialist”- something to be reviled. When people are thus de-humanised they become figures of hate and it does not matter what is done to them.
    Paul Foot wrote a book on this election “Immigration and Race in British Politics” and, though an excellent journalist, he could not overcome his prejudice to give Mr. Griffiths a fair examination. However, he did note Walker’s hypocrisy and commented, ”The racial bitterness stirred up…could well last for a generation. For this Patrick Gordon Walker must take his share of the responsibility.” He quoted a Birmingham mp, “look at Patrick. He never left the subject alone.”(1) Walker had issued different election leaflets for each ethnic group. While he was preaching against race discrimination, Smethwick Labour club operated a colour bar! Mr.Griffiths told the Birmingham Evening Mail, on 24/9/1964, “The Socialists are attempting to obtain the coloured vote because they think it will hold Smethwick for them.”Many contemporary attitudes were pre-figured in this election. The suggestion by Trevor Philips, head of the Human Rights Commission, has suggested young Black boys need schooling separately. This is similar to a suggestion by Peter Griffiths in February 1964, when in response to complaints from white parents that their children were being held back, he proposed to hold special classes for Indian children who could not speak English for three hours a day. They were to be taught by their own teachers in English, maths and science and then rejoin the others for games and crafts. He was accused of trying to start Apartheid in local schools!
    Some think the oppression of “whites” and social engineering a Utopian society began with Political Correctness or the advent of New Labour under Blair, but in fact it is part of the Multi-Racialists’ mentality and underlying is prejudice against “whites” or here, the English and prejudice in favour of other ethnic groups. The first act of positive discrimination was in 1950 when Minister of Food John Strachey(L) announced that no Government contracts would go to caterers who did not employ coloured people. In 1955 Smethwick a Conservative candidate for the council had his election addresses printed in Urdu as well as English as did Conservative General election candidate John Wells. In 1965 Enid Blyton was being pilloried for her book "The Little Black Doll". Many were appalled in 2001 when mps were asked to pledge they would not mention race in their campaigns and there were agreements among candidates in some constituencies. Also in 1964 the Campaign Against Racial Discrimination sent out forms for general election candidates to sign pledging not to us race as an issue. Meanwhile, back at the narrative –
    An offensive slogan was being posted on walls before and during the election,” If you want a N***** for a neighbour, vote Labour”. Harold Wilson attributed this to Griffiths on national Television, when asked by Robin Day on Panorama of 9th March 1964 . Mr. Wilson replied, that he understood that this was said by the Conservative candidate in Smethwick. Griffiths denied he or any member of the Conservative party had used this slogan, but did refuse to condemn its use saying it was an expression of frustration felt by local people at being ignored by their representatives. He explained that the only person who had heard it was Mr.Walker, who claimed it was in use in the Municipal elections of 1963. A Labour spokesman said that Wilson had said no more than was in the morning’s Times. Mr.Griffiths threatened to sue Mr.Wilson but later declined. After the Election new Prime Minister Wilson broke from his address on the Queens speech to insult Griffiths by calling him a “Parliamentary Leper”, who would be shunned by everyone in the House. This breached the convention that new members be protected until after their Maiden speech! Harold Gurden Birmingham Conservative mp (Selly Oak) told the Times 25/1/1965, “He “had not met Griffiths but would be his friend in the House.” Then on October the 5th 1964 just two weeks before polling Griffiths was denounced for his campaign in the Birmingham Post and the Times Midland correspondent wrote, ”It is abhorrent to all Conservatives candidates and officials of stature to whom I have talked.” The column of October the 12th, “Vile –its all in Black and White.”As the election result was announced on October the 16th Socialists made Nazi salutes. Mr.Walker, the embittered loser griped,” I feel the result tonight will give Smethwick a bad name.” The Bishop of Southwark called the electorate “unchristian” and the Bishop of Chelmsford and Archbishop of Canterbury also condemned them but that local people supporting a local-born candidate in a democratic election over a local issue is a model of Democracy at work yet, these un-elected Bishops who lived far away, were imposing their a priori ideology on the situation but not drawing inferences from the facts or observation.
    The way to understand this piece of history is not through the prejudices of outsiders but through real examples. A supporter of Mr.Griffith’s campaign was Cllr. Alan Vernon, 23-years old, who had fostered a young coloured child. Mr.Vernon, who had supported Griffiths campaign, told the Times of 15th February 1965, June, “I do not think the campaign was conducted on racialist lines. I feel that immigration should be restricted. He had also fostered a young coloured child eighteen months previously and supported the Marshall Street plan. This plan was an attempt by the Conservative council to buy the remaining houses in Marshall Street to sell to white people as 40% were occupied by coloured people. Martin Luther King himself had addressed members of Parliament in December 1964 on his way to Oslo to collect his Noble Peace Prize and had warned of the creation of “Little Harlems”.(2) Conservative group leaders had taken the decision after meeting a delegation of worried housewives. Housing Committee chairman E. Gould remarked,” This is not colour prejudice. We understand that over thirty houses in Marshall Street are occupied by coloured people and we think they should not be allowed to occupy more than half the houses in any street.” Griffiths agreed and told the Times of 7th December, 1964 ” coloured people can only be integrated if they live alongside white people.”
    Later a delegation of housewives visited Richard Crossman Minister of Housing for support, who with his PPS Bob Mellish treated them harshly and upset the ladies. A request for funding was sent but turned down. Crossman a leading left-wing intellectual was proud of having opposed the 1961 Commonwealth Immigration Bill, as a “shameful piece of legislation, but wrote in his Diary,“Ever since the Smethwick election it has been quite clear that immigration can be the greatest potential vote loser for the Labour party if we are seen to be permitting a flood of immigrants to come and blight the central areas of our cities.”(3)Mellish had said “Smethwick’s name stinks and “Smethwick is well regarded in Alabama.”
    But in May 1976 with an influx of Malawi Asians into his own Bermondsey constituency, Mr. Mellish, then Labours’ chief whip, told the Commons, “With 53 million of us we cannot go on without strict immigration control.”
    Ever consistent the BBC took Malcolm X the American Black Power leader to Marshall Street in February 1965 to film for their current affairs programme “Tonight”. He told the world’s media,” I have come here because I am disturbed by reports that coloured people in Smethwick are being badly treated. I have heard they are being treated as the Jews under Hitler. I would not wait for the Fascist element in Smethwick to erect gas ovens.” I wonder who he heard that off! He told the London Times that the BBC had taken him there for a programme on “race”. This was nine days before he was assassinated after his return to the States.
    The BBC denied having brought him but Smethwick’s eloquent mayor Alderman C.V.Williamse investigated and revealed, that he was appalled at” the BBC bringing algebraic characters to Smethwick and then denying it. I was most amazed at the finesse displayed when I spoke of him being brought in a BBC car. I was told the car was not a BBC car but it was owned by one of the directors.” Griffiths was outraged by the visitations of extremists and wrote to the “Smegs” Telephone, “ The visit of Malcolm X was an affront to decent people and a direct provocation. That he should have been brought to Marshall Street by the BBC, which is supposed to be a responsible public corporation, makes matters worse.” I say to all extremists Right and Left, black or white, get out and stay out.”
    A blazing wooden cross had been left against a door in Pink Passage, with KKK painted on the pavement. The front room was a store for an Indian shopkeeper. Earlier a Labour Councillor described the council as being like “Peter Griffiths’ Reichstag.”
    Mr.Griffiths also called for health checks on immigrants when he responded to a question in the local paper the “Smegs Telephone”, “Immigration should be limited to those of sound health who have jobs and living accommodation arranged before they enter.” This was prescient as there was an outbreak of Typhoid in Smethwick in April 1965. Dr.John Briant the Deputy Medical Officer of Health said ”Smethwick had contained one outbreak but another might occur if people were let into the country without health checks.”
    The campaign of vilification which lasted for eighteen months and had been featured in media all across the world, culminated in a time bomb being planted outside Peter Griffith’s home. The bomb was a battery and clock placed on a meter cover, connected by wires through the letterbox to a detonator and an explosive substance. The explosion splintered part of the front door, blew the dining room door off its hinges, broke the hinges on an upstairs door, blew off the loft entrance, smashed some windows and drove splinters into the walls and stair banisters in the hall. The police thought it the work of experts. The media created a climate in which Peter Griffiths was made a legitimate target for political fanatics. This shows that irresponsible journalists and politicians set up people for attack if they disagree with them and put people’s lives in danger especially now we have many Muslim extremists in the country, if they use wild and emotive terms of abuse based on lies.

    1 Foot, Paul 1965. Immigration and Race in British Politics (Penguin)
    2 Griffiths, Peter 1966. A Question of Colour (Leslie Frewin)
    3 Crossman Richard1975. Diaries of a Cabinet Minister. Vol.1

    Monday, 25 July 2011

    The Invited Conquest:

    The ruling elite have different approaches towards white Britons and immigrants on a number of issues, but the most disturbing of all is the psychological warfare waged against indigenous British people. Their main tactic consists of trying to generate a sense of guilt and a feeling of “having wronged others” amongst our people — while at the same time ensuring that we are blamed for all ills affecting any other ethnic group.

    For example, the recent Channel 4 show, The Event: How Racist Are You? presented only white people as the “racists” and blacks and Asians as victims. It really does seem that the ruling elite will not be happy until all white people have been cleansed from Britain or savagely murdered, as is happening in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

    Why do the media and MPs like Barry Gardiner get so hysterical about truthful people (such as South Wales’ Roger Phillips in his excellent video “BNP: The True Face of Immigration”)?

    The Mr Gardiners of the world get so hysterical because videos like that expose clearly how they have lied to their own people. Indigenous British people have been pushed out of their communities by force of numbers. Young British people have had to face unfair competition for jobs from imported cheap labour.

    Such videos show the ruling elite for what they are — cheats and liars. They have cowed critics with accusations of “racism” and in that way have ensured that whole areas have been taken over by aliens. All the while, the elites continue to live in “good” areas and send their children to the best schools.

    As the popular clamour for fair play grows, the establishment has become more oppressive. In Italy, for example, a court recently reduced an African-origin murderer’s prison sentence because he had a genetic strand called MAOA which made him “genetically predisposed to violence.” Critics have pointed out that this could be used to argue that genes determine behaviour. This allegation did not deter the liberal judges — it seems that they believe in race when it is to the advantage of immigrants, but when “our” people mention the topic we are met with vilification.

    In Britain, newspapers announced earlier this year that a new security strategy to “tackle extremists is to focus on White racists.” This followed an order to the police to “go easy” on Muslim terrorists. Scotland Yard claimed that “far right” groups could be planning a terrorist “spectacular” to stoke up racial tensions. I wouldn’t put it past security services to do one and blame the “far-right.”

    Met Commander Shaun Sawyer signalled the complicity of the security services with Muslim extremists when he told the Muslim Safety Forum at the beginning of July this year that security services would focus on “whites.” He knew that in January 2009, the head of domestic security service MI-5 had revealed that 2,000 people in Britain were involved with to Islamist terrorist plots and many more support terrorism through fundraising and propaganda. From September 11, 2001 to the end of March 2008, British authorities arrested 1,471 Muslims for terrorism-related offences.

    In spite of all of this, the police have increased the number of officers in a special unit monitoring “rightwing extremists.” Facts and figures aside, they appear to genuinely regard a lone crank as more important than the thousands and thousands of Islamistis running free in Britain.

    In 2007, a newspaper reported on how identified al-Qaeda supporters had been employed by the police. “Eight Al Qaeda fanatics working for the police (but they don’t dare sack them),” read the headline.

    Incredibly, it is official police policy to alert “Muslim community leaders” before they raid premises in the search for explosives and terrorists. They even put little booties on explosive-sniffing dogs so as “not to offend” the suspected terrorists. One has to wonder on whose side the security services and the police are?

    The New Local Government Network report, titled Reassessing Prevent, adds to the creation of a climate of persecution of patriots. It shifts the terrorist threat to the BNP because of their election success in the European elections as well as their 55 local councillors.

    Apparently this “underlines the fact that racial hatred and extremist ideology is not limited to any one faith or community.”

    Comparing a defence of your children and communities with terrorism shows the corrupt minds of establishment propagandists like Anna Turley, author of the report. She said: “While Islamist extremism remains a very serious threat to our security, this kind of extremism is not the only threat to the stability and security of our communities.”

    Why do the security services and police cover up Muslim extremism? Here is a clue: former Italian President Francesco Cossiga admitted in the Italian paper Corriere della Sera in 2008, that in the 1970s, the Italian government allowed Arab terrorist groups freedom of movement in the country in exchange for immunity from attacks.

    The government of Prime Minister Aldo Moro reached a “secret non-belligerence pact between the Italian state and Palestinian resistance organizations, including terrorist groups.” It was Moro who designed the terms of the agreement with the foreign Arab terrorists, Cossiga said.

    “The terms of the agreement were that the Palestinian organizations could even maintain armed bases of operation in the country, and they had freedom of entry and exit without being subject to normal police controls, because they were ‘handled’ by the secret services.”

    As Interior Minister, Cossiga said that PLO members in Italy had diplomatic immunity as representatives of the Arab League. “The Palestinian organizations could even maintain armed bases of operation in the country.”

    Muslim terrorists were welcomed into Britain and did not need to answer questions or to show papers. This began under Thatcher who herself lived safely in a gated community. They got free education, free health care even when they openly developed terrorist cells and trained bombers for active service in other parts of the world. Few have legal entitlement to enter this country but are allowed to stay and provided extra benefits we do not get like free cars, mobile phones and decorated houses.

    This was after the London bombing of 7/7 and without it al-Qeeda could not have got into the West to launch bombing attacks like those in London and Madrid. The authorities know what they are doing.

    During the protests in Luton when Muslim extremists shouted abuse at the homecoming parade of the Royal Anglian Regiment, the police arrested a white protester but allowed the Muslims to abuse the soldiers.

    Eight young Muslim terrorists on active service from Birmingham, London and Luton, were arrested in Aden in December 1998, planning terror attacks against British targets. The security services then claimed they had no idea that Muslim soldiers were being recruited in British mosques and trained in terror camps. Do we believe them?

    As far back as 1999, it was reported that around 2,000 British Muslims were being trained in British terror camps, mainly in London and Birmingham. As well as studying holy war, the trainees were taught hand-to-hand combat, survival skills for guerrilla warfare and advised to get real military training in war zones like the Yemen and Afghanistan. Many do, because Birmingham accents have been picked up there by RAF Nimrod aircraft.

    British-based Muslim terrorists operate abroad but still the authorities bring them here. For example, in December 2001, Richard Reid a supporter of al-Qaeda tried to detonate a shoe-bomb on a Paris to Miami aeroplane. In 2002, Ahmed Sheik, organised the kidnap and murder of Daniel Pearl in Pakistan.

    Mohammed Hanif and Omar Shariff were involved in a suicide bomb attack in Tel Aiv. Abu Qatada ran the Spanish, Milan and German al-Qaeda cells from London.

    British-based terrorists have carried out operations in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kenya, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Israel, Morocco, Russia, Spain, and America. Many governments such as Jordanian, Egyptian, Moroccan, Spanish, French, and American have protested against our elites allowing the Islamist terrorist infrastructure in this country and refusing to extradite wanted operatives.

    The American Heritage Foundation regards Britain as a terrorist danger. How have we allowed our establishment to drag us down to that level?

    The Muslim community shelters extremists and illegal immigrants as they did the murderers of Kriss Donald and the media aid and abet them by covering up the facts of such cases.

    Palestinian mores glorify suicide bombers as ‘ Shahid ‘ or martyrs and terrorism is part of the Palestinian mentality. Many British Muslims hero worship them. In Britain they are bombers because of ideology, not social conditions, and are usually middle class Muslims born and educated in Britain. This is an “enemy within” that does not have to invade because it was imported by the elites who pour taxpayers’ money into their communities such as Bradford, Burnley, Oldham and Keighley.

    At Shehzad Tanweer’s memorial funeral in his home village in Pakistan, an estimated 10,000 mourners chanted Jihad, Jihad, Jihad and eulogised the suicide bomber.

    On 27 July 2005, BBC reporter Phil Mackie admitted on Radio 5 Brian Hayes 10 pm programme that the BBC censors the truth about Muslims and that the BBC is selective in its broadcasting of Muslim statements. The function of the media is to prepare the public for whatever measures the establishment plan to further the Muslim extremists’ interests.

    The elites treat us as enemy and scapegoat us when the multi-racial dream falters. The hysterical reports blaming Ulster people for the disputes with Roma gypsies is a classic example. The media never told us what caused the dispute but just accused local people of “racist attacks.” Well, I don’t believe them. I think these people were defending their communities.

    The default position is anti-British and what was normal, healthy patriotism is now demonised as “far-right” and patriots are subject to slander and discrimination. To put things in perspective, there are about 200 investigations into Muslim terror plots being conducted by security services and the courts.

    Even though the BNP have proscribed the EDL the media treat them as interchangeable as they try to slot the BNP into their ideology as “thugs” and “knuckle draggers.”

    The police violence against the EDL anti-Muslim extremist demo in Leeds is a warning of what the establishment really want to do to patriotic people. One of the police tricks seems to be based on the Hillsborough tragedy — that of “funnelling” the protesters into tight groups and chasing them while they fall over and get trampled as you will see in the video from Leeds.

    The Government advertise in terrorist countries like Pakistan for immigrants to come here. In November 2006 a Foreign Office pamphlet advertised: “Multicultural Britain — A Land of Immigrants.” It stated that immigrants should immigrate here because of the Human Rights Act would protect them and well-paid jobs were available for them.

    The Foreign Office put the document “Ethnic Diversity” in British embassies across the world.

    Of convicted terrorists in Britain about 27 of 87 were trained or sought training in Pakistan or Afghanistan, Eighteen had terrorist training in Britain. Despite this, Labour’s “open door” immigration policy knowingly risked allowing dangerous people to settle in Britain unchecked, The Sunday Times reported on 8 November after secret documents were leaked. The evidence had been illegally withheld by the Home Office for four years.

    A European Union initiative The Barcelona Agreement, which comes into force on 1 January, give rights of settlement to millions of Muslims from North Africa and grant them legal preference over indigenous as well as increasing attacks on Jewish communities. The Maastricht Treaty took control of our borders off us and John Major lied when he said it didn’t.

    The new Chief of the Armed forces, General Sir David Richards, launched a support network for Muslims in the armed forces The Armed Forces Muslim Association. He said it “reflects the growing numbers, importance and relevance of their service and superb contribution they are making to the armed forces in the UK.” It will help “forge closer relationships with Islamic communities across the UK.” How many al-Qaeda supporters are in the British military?

    As well as linking with Muslims, the military are preparing to shoot us if we protest against being dispossessed. Military personnel are being selected to form regiments prepared to shoot their own people.

    In the “England Expects” blog, under the title “Scared Yet,” Libertarian Party leader Ian Parker-Joseph revealed that the M.O.D. were asking military personnel: “Will you open fire on UK citizens?… In a stunning conversation with a friend, who is a serving member of the Armed Forces, over the weekend, it was revealed that transfers to regiments and other units in the UK on home duties are being undertaken by the MOD based upon whether an individual was prepared to ‘open fire’ on UK citizens during civil disturbances.”

    This was also revealed by the mother of a serving soldier on the net but she quickly removed it. This is corroborated by Dr. Richard North who learnt that the M.O.D. was buying up “unusually large quantities of tear gas and other riot equipment.”

    The warning signs point towards military action against people who try to resist the displacement of our communities and destroying our children’s and grandchildren’s future by encouraging cheap labour by giving them extra state benefits that are denied to us. I urge readers with friends and relations in the military to keep us (the BNP) informed of this evil plan.


    Tuesday, 21 June 2011

    Britain's First – Practical Campaigning

    How do we defend ourselves against discrimination by the local authorities?
    The Sky News website told of the effective amnesty which has been granted to a quarter of a million bogus asylum seekers and there were hundreds of comments that criticise this action by a clique of elites against the interests of our communities. Most commenters agree with our political and moral outlook but have been turned against us not only by media propaganda but inept nationalist leadership and apparently dishonest financial practices.
    These comments tell us that there is a generally favourable political climate building up in a natural reaction to the destruction of our people, our culture and our communities by the dominant elites – political, financial, academic and cultural. But our people lack representation, a voice. There is a vacuum and a need for practical activism for the one unrepresented group who suffer constant discrimination from the authorities - White people!
    An issue that shows how little our rulers care about us is foreign aid and this demands a campaign group to fight for Whites. Several issues have the potential to split the Establishment coalition. However, Dave and his anti-White colleagues in the coalition want to continue transferring taxpayers money to the third-world while making people in this country unemployed and cutting back on welfare and services. All across the country community centers are being closed, but those in inner cities are privileged.
    Melanie Phillips of the Daily Mail wrote that after she appeared on QT making this point about overseas aid that she was flooded with letters of support from the public. We must state boldly that multi-racialism is inverted Nazism and promotes the interests of every identity group apart from heterosexual Whites who are scapegoats for everything that goes wrong.
    Cameron recently made a speech trying to justify excessive overseas aid, apparently in response to large numbers contacting MP's. There is clear public anger. Another campaign could be on car insurance. Premiums have gone up by about 40-50% in many cases this year. Foreign gangs committing motor vehicle related fraud is costing millions and about £50 of what motorists now pay in insurance is to cover this. People need to know that mass immigration is costing them dear, something which voters care most about.
    At this rate of immigration, we, the native Britons, will be outnumbered in half a century. The Conservatives promised to reduce the numbers but they have no intention of doing so, they actually want this situation. Immigration is higher now than under Labour. All the ruling parties are variations on the same theme.
    Progressives see no danger in this because they have convinced themselves that immigrants are nice, harmless people who want to be like us. This patronising view, denies newcommers their humanity and pretends their human nature is different from ours. We are potentially evil; within every White, progressives think, is a Hitler waiting to get out. Why do they treat at us differently? - prejudice!” They are prejudiced against us and prejudiced in favour of ethnics. Underlying this prejudice is fear.
    They are frightened of seeking to curb ethnic behaviour so firstly, they pretend it isn't happening and, secondly, then they use Whites as scapegoats. They can do so because they take our compliance for granted. They may be right, it is happening throughout Europe.
    The white community is the only racial group in Britain without any political representation as a community. We have to organise to defend our communities because nothing is being distributed to us apart from just enough to bribe us to support a political party and to keep us quiet while we are dispossessed.
    In order for Whites to have representation in our multi-cultural and multi-racial society then recognition of a common ethnic bond is required. It is by race that our dispossession is being carried out.
    The multi-racial society has been imposed from the top; unless whites start to organise to protect white racial interests then we will suffer as ethnic communities take more and more. They can do so because they are organised and have official support. Meanwhile, they are growing in numbers and gaining more and more strength and power over us.

    What can we do now to help our people and redress the imbalance of local power?
    First of all, remember that the successful campaign groups like Green Peace, Gay Rights pushed certain orthodox issues forward albeit against other interest groups but they are not rebelling against the whole system of the elites and this demands certain key preliminaries.
    We must have high standards of morality and conduct and act decisively against members who’s actions damage our cause, such as those who promote Nazi race hate, which enables state assets, such as the hostile media and Searchlight agents to discredit opposition to Globalism. These are issues which the establishment media have constantly used to beat previous movements: Nazism and thuggery. This behaviour is rightly unacceptable to the public which is why by using these antics infiltrators who pose as Nazis, commit or urge acts of violence which give the media “evidence” that we are like that. Another type to be watched for are those who foment internal discord and dissatisfaction which can destroy groups and damage the organisation through whole regions.
    These  people must be brought before an appropriate committee and democratically examined and if found guilty, then they should be expelled. A proper disciplined organisation is imperative. But it must be democratic, open and above board.
    Groups of campaigners or leafletters must always be of say five in number and always carry camera phones to record physical attacks because the politicians will use the UAF to carry out physical intimidation. Assailants must be photographed and prosecuted.
    We must avoid the BNP's cry baby approach:” Boo Hoo, they won't give us democracy.” If they deny us a platform, tell them straight: “You are frightened of us. You know how much latent support we have and you are terrified!”
    Multi-Racialism is itself based on race, but racism that centres round attacking and even persecuting Whites. Race is real not just as a genetic reality also as a Social Reality. The neo-Marxist elites have created a multi-racial society that denies the existence of race as a genetic reality, whilst simultaneously asserting the existence of race as a social construct and then impose laws that discriminate against all Whites on the basis of their race. A classic example was the prejudiced attacks against Dr. James Watson by semi-educated bigots like David Lammy and Ken Livingstone.
    The politicians and media will still try to smear us as “haters” and “Nazis” but wait! Multi-Racialism is justified by reference to the holocaust but is now itself bringing about a new European persecution of Jews by Muslims. In Europe, especially France and Sweden, Jewish people are being persecuted by Muslims yet the media and politicians who decry us as “haters” and “racists” cover it up. Explain that to the population on a few leaflets and the faux saintliness of the elites will crumble before their eyes.
    We need to be active in communities like Southall, Tower Hamlets, Bradford and Handsworth, anywhere where Whites are a minority, or soon to be racial minority. We must help them organise community and political structures that allow them to fight for their share of social resources where they are being treated less favourably than the privileged ethnic groups. If we can attract people with legal knowledge we could open community advice centres.
    There is not one community centre in any London inner city borough for the white families who live in those areas – yet there are many for Black, Chinese, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu or Jewish community centres and charities. We are entitled to equal representation. The disparity is obvious.
    There is a proven need to start using resources on community outreach programmes in inner city areas to assist the white community to come together so as to enable them to obtain the same rights as ethnic communities do.
    That means parity of social facilities - youth clubs, sports centres, community centres etc and if
    requests for equal white rights and facilities are refused and our bids for those facilties turned down then not only does this expose the anti-White racist double standards of the authorities, it creates grounds for legal challenge as it demonstrates the discrimination against White people of the local authorities. It also galvanises the oppressed local White populations in developing actions for equal racial treatment.
    This is an opportunity after years of inept political leaders to become, in contemporary political language:
    1) The voice of white rights
    2) a civil justice campaign for white rights
    3) a social justice campaign for white social justice
    Election campaigns waste millions in fighting loaded elections when we it could be spent them on developing community networks that allow us to have power at the level of the community. That is apart from developing a network of parish councillors until we have a significant number which will generate success from success because we will have something to show to the voters – its like an impressive port folio.
    We have to face the reality that even in the most appalling situations the police will take the side of ethnics against us so we need to build local representation networks with proper legal advice. The issue of White rights has become of paramount political importance to defend our oppressed people from :
    a) the systematic racist gang-raping of young White girls by Muslim rape gangs,
    b) The state anti-white racism in the guise of affirmative action and political discrimination programmes,
    c) the one-sided allocation of funds from councils and community groups to immigrant, asylum seeker, race based groups that discriminate directly and indirectly
    d) The growth of failure by Whites in education
    e) White working class unemployment in order to import cheap labour
    f) integrating white Eastern European communities into a white nationalist political movement
    g) social justice and equal rights for whites in the context of social housing, education, the NHS, council housing and community centres for kids etc etc
    These have never been taken up but our people who are discriminated against and given second-class treatment deserve better. They need a campaign organisation to fight for them and reinvigorate a dispossessed and abandoned White electorate.
    Refuse to change our beliefs to those of the self-seeking and corrupt neo-Marxist elites. Why give up our beliefs in the vain hope that the media will go easy on us - they will not. They can not because they need us as a bogey group to convince themselves that they are morally right when they are obviously immoral and prejudiced against White people.
    We need to fill the vacuum at the local community level.
    Our unifying belief should be in a racial civil defence group for the forgotten people: our people. We must not sink to race hate like the Establishment who have tried to eradicate us; nor should we try to compromise with the evil ideology of the neo-Marxists which is race replacement of white British people by immigrants from the Third-World. We take up the cause of fighting for white people to exist as a people, as an ethnic group, and to stop them from being discriminated against in their own country by politicians who pretended to be their representatives to gain power and personal wealth.
    We as the British part of the White race are being racially discriminated against and this provides us with the moral justification to act in defence of our people. We occupy the moral high ground. In Blackpool the police suppressed a report that showed 11 Muslim fast food outlets were being used as “honey traps” to lure young White girls as young as 11 and 12 into sex and then prostitution. That is an act of war on our people by a rival community.
    The Director of Media Prosecutions Jeremy Paxman, who aggressively cross examines dissidents, uses foreign au pair girls as cheap labour. No wonder he likes immigration! These morally corrupt, hypocrites are actively harming the white community.
    Every rape in Oslo over the past year was committed by a non-White man. Of 86 rapes in Oslo over the last five years, all 83 in which the perpetrator was identified were committed we can assume that almost all of these non-Western men were Muslims. We're also told that "almost all" the victims of these rapes have been ethnically Norwegian women..."
    Sweden has been described as the rape capital of Europe or, more properly, for White women being raped by Muslims. We have similar problems here. A campaign to protect young White girls from foreign child-rapists appeals to the male protective instinct and the female instinct to care and nurture. It shows local authorities to be cruel, callous and biased against our people even in suffering.
    The only community without representation is the white community - Blacks, Asians etc have organisations to represent their interests. They are encouraged to practice and develop their religions. They have lobby groups, legal groups, community centres special charities etc to represent and support them as ethnic, racial and religious communities in Britain – Whites have none. We must redress that and actively defend our people.
    I have written on tactics before but the above is for present action not later when Race War has broken out.

    The rape of White women
    Elites using cheap labour
    The politicised judiciary