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Britain's First – Practical Campaigning

How do we defend ourselves against discrimination by the local authorities?
The Sky News website told of the effective amnesty which has been granted to a quarter of a million bogus asylum seekers and there were hundreds of comments that criticise this action by a clique of elites against the interests of our communities. Most commenters agree with our political and moral outlook but have been turned against us not only by media propaganda but inept nationalist leadership and apparently dishonest financial practices.
These comments tell us that there is a generally favourable political climate building up in a natural reaction to the destruction of our people, our culture and our communities by the dominant elites – political, financial, academic and cultural. But our people lack representation, a voice. There is a vacuum and a need for practical activism for the one unrepresented group who suffer constant discrimination from the authorities - White people!
An issue that shows how little our rulers care about us is foreign aid and this demands a campaign group to fight for Whites. Several issues have the potential to split the Establishment coalition. However, Dave and his anti-White colleagues in the coalition want to continue transferring taxpayers money to the third-world while making people in this country unemployed and cutting back on welfare and services. All across the country community centers are being closed, but those in inner cities are privileged.
Melanie Phillips of the Daily Mail wrote that after she appeared on QT making this point about overseas aid that she was flooded with letters of support from the public. We must state boldly that multi-racialism is inverted Nazism and promotes the interests of every identity group apart from heterosexual Whites who are scapegoats for everything that goes wrong.
Cameron recently made a speech trying to justify excessive overseas aid, apparently in response to large numbers contacting MP's. There is clear public anger. Another campaign could be on car insurance. Premiums have gone up by about 40-50% in many cases this year. Foreign gangs committing motor vehicle related fraud is costing millions and about £50 of what motorists now pay in insurance is to cover this. People need to know that mass immigration is costing them dear, something which voters care most about.
At this rate of immigration, we, the native Britons, will be outnumbered in half a century. The Conservatives promised to reduce the numbers but they have no intention of doing so, they actually want this situation. Immigration is higher now than under Labour. All the ruling parties are variations on the same theme.
Progressives see no danger in this because they have convinced themselves that immigrants are nice, harmless people who want to be like us. This patronising view, denies newcommers their humanity and pretends their human nature is different from ours. We are potentially evil; within every White, progressives think, is a Hitler waiting to get out. Why do they treat at us differently? - prejudice!” They are prejudiced against us and prejudiced in favour of ethnics. Underlying this prejudice is fear.
They are frightened of seeking to curb ethnic behaviour so firstly, they pretend it isn't happening and, secondly, then they use Whites as scapegoats. They can do so because they take our compliance for granted. They may be right, it is happening throughout Europe.
The white community is the only racial group in Britain without any political representation as a community. We have to organise to defend our communities because nothing is being distributed to us apart from just enough to bribe us to support a political party and to keep us quiet while we are dispossessed.
In order for Whites to have representation in our multi-cultural and multi-racial society then recognition of a common ethnic bond is required. It is by race that our dispossession is being carried out.
The multi-racial society has been imposed from the top; unless whites start to organise to protect white racial interests then we will suffer as ethnic communities take more and more. They can do so because they are organised and have official support. Meanwhile, they are growing in numbers and gaining more and more strength and power over us.

What can we do now to help our people and redress the imbalance of local power?
First of all, remember that the successful campaign groups like Green Peace, Gay Rights pushed certain orthodox issues forward albeit against other interest groups but they are not rebelling against the whole system of the elites and this demands certain key preliminaries.
We must have high standards of morality and conduct and act decisively against members who’s actions damage our cause, such as those who promote Nazi race hate, which enables state assets, such as the hostile media and Searchlight agents to discredit opposition to Globalism. These are issues which the establishment media have constantly used to beat previous movements: Nazism and thuggery. This behaviour is rightly unacceptable to the public which is why by using these antics infiltrators who pose as Nazis, commit or urge acts of violence which give the media “evidence” that we are like that. Another type to be watched for are those who foment internal discord and dissatisfaction which can destroy groups and damage the organisation through whole regions.
These  people must be brought before an appropriate committee and democratically examined and if found guilty, then they should be expelled. A proper disciplined organisation is imperative. But it must be democratic, open and above board.
Groups of campaigners or leafletters must always be of say five in number and always carry camera phones to record physical attacks because the politicians will use the UAF to carry out physical intimidation. Assailants must be photographed and prosecuted.
We must avoid the BNP's cry baby approach:” Boo Hoo, they won't give us democracy.” If they deny us a platform, tell them straight: “You are frightened of us. You know how much latent support we have and you are terrified!”
Multi-Racialism is itself based on race, but racism that centres round attacking and even persecuting Whites. Race is real not just as a genetic reality also as a Social Reality. The neo-Marxist elites have created a multi-racial society that denies the existence of race as a genetic reality, whilst simultaneously asserting the existence of race as a social construct and then impose laws that discriminate against all Whites on the basis of their race. A classic example was the prejudiced attacks against Dr. James Watson by semi-educated bigots like David Lammy and Ken Livingstone.
The politicians and media will still try to smear us as “haters” and “Nazis” but wait! Multi-Racialism is justified by reference to the holocaust but is now itself bringing about a new European persecution of Jews by Muslims. In Europe, especially France and Sweden, Jewish people are being persecuted by Muslims yet the media and politicians who decry us as “haters” and “racists” cover it up. Explain that to the population on a few leaflets and the faux saintliness of the elites will crumble before their eyes.
We need to be active in communities like Southall, Tower Hamlets, Bradford and Handsworth, anywhere where Whites are a minority, or soon to be racial minority. We must help them organise community and political structures that allow them to fight for their share of social resources where they are being treated less favourably than the privileged ethnic groups. If we can attract people with legal knowledge we could open community advice centres.
There is not one community centre in any London inner city borough for the white families who live in those areas – yet there are many for Black, Chinese, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu or Jewish community centres and charities. We are entitled to equal representation. The disparity is obvious.
There is a proven need to start using resources on community outreach programmes in inner city areas to assist the white community to come together so as to enable them to obtain the same rights as ethnic communities do.
That means parity of social facilities - youth clubs, sports centres, community centres etc and if
requests for equal white rights and facilities are refused and our bids for those facilties turned down then not only does this expose the anti-White racist double standards of the authorities, it creates grounds for legal challenge as it demonstrates the discrimination against White people of the local authorities. It also galvanises the oppressed local White populations in developing actions for equal racial treatment.
This is an opportunity after years of inept political leaders to become, in contemporary political language:
1) The voice of white rights
2) a civil justice campaign for white rights
3) a social justice campaign for white social justice
Election campaigns waste millions in fighting loaded elections when we it could be spent them on developing community networks that allow us to have power at the level of the community. That is apart from developing a network of parish councillors until we have a significant number which will generate success from success because we will have something to show to the voters – its like an impressive port folio.
We have to face the reality that even in the most appalling situations the police will take the side of ethnics against us so we need to build local representation networks with proper legal advice. The issue of White rights has become of paramount political importance to defend our oppressed people from :
a) the systematic racist gang-raping of young White girls by Muslim rape gangs,
b) The state anti-white racism in the guise of affirmative action and political discrimination programmes,
c) the one-sided allocation of funds from councils and community groups to immigrant, asylum seeker, race based groups that discriminate directly and indirectly
d) The growth of failure by Whites in education
e) White working class unemployment in order to import cheap labour
f) integrating white Eastern European communities into a white nationalist political movement
g) social justice and equal rights for whites in the context of social housing, education, the NHS, council housing and community centres for kids etc etc
These have never been taken up but our people who are discriminated against and given second-class treatment deserve better. They need a campaign organisation to fight for them and reinvigorate a dispossessed and abandoned White electorate.
Refuse to change our beliefs to those of the self-seeking and corrupt neo-Marxist elites. Why give up our beliefs in the vain hope that the media will go easy on us - they will not. They can not because they need us as a bogey group to convince themselves that they are morally right when they are obviously immoral and prejudiced against White people.
We need to fill the vacuum at the local community level.
Our unifying belief should be in a racial civil defence group for the forgotten people: our people. We must not sink to race hate like the Establishment who have tried to eradicate us; nor should we try to compromise with the evil ideology of the neo-Marxists which is race replacement of white British people by immigrants from the Third-World. We take up the cause of fighting for white people to exist as a people, as an ethnic group, and to stop them from being discriminated against in their own country by politicians who pretended to be their representatives to gain power and personal wealth.
We as the British part of the White race are being racially discriminated against and this provides us with the moral justification to act in defence of our people. We occupy the moral high ground. In Blackpool the police suppressed a report that showed 11 Muslim fast food outlets were being used as “honey traps” to lure young White girls as young as 11 and 12 into sex and then prostitution. That is an act of war on our people by a rival community.
The Director of Media Prosecutions Jeremy Paxman, who aggressively cross examines dissidents, uses foreign au pair girls as cheap labour. No wonder he likes immigration! These morally corrupt, hypocrites are actively harming the white community.
Every rape in Oslo over the past year was committed by a non-White man. Of 86 rapes in Oslo over the last five years, all 83 in which the perpetrator was identified were committed we can assume that almost all of these non-Western men were Muslims. We're also told that "almost all" the victims of these rapes have been ethnically Norwegian women..."
Sweden has been described as the rape capital of Europe or, more properly, for White women being raped by Muslims. We have similar problems here. A campaign to protect young White girls from foreign child-rapists appeals to the male protective instinct and the female instinct to care and nurture. It shows local authorities to be cruel, callous and biased against our people even in suffering.
The only community without representation is the white community - Blacks, Asians etc have organisations to represent their interests. They are encouraged to practice and develop their religions. They have lobby groups, legal groups, community centres special charities etc to represent and support them as ethnic, racial and religious communities in Britain – Whites have none. We must redress that and actively defend our people.
I have written on tactics before but the above is for present action not later when Race War has broken out.

The rape of White women
Elites using cheap labour
The politicised judiciary

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Interview with David Hamilton of the Nationalist Conservatives

by Brett Stevens. Amerika.org

In my rambles through cyberspace, I have encountered other people attempting to address my three favorite political questions: the national question, the class war question and (underlying the other two) the end-of-ecocide question.
For many years, I’ve realized that the three are linked. You cannot stop ecocide in a society based on personal desire. You cannot have a society not based on personal desire without getting away from personal economic competition of an extreme degree. That in turn requires a society with a center, a shared culture and values system, and that ties intrinsically to concepts of ethnicity and identity.
One of the groups I encountered has been the Traditional Britain Group, whose goal is to “re-establish genuine conservatism and Traditionalism as a political, social and cultural alternative and to defend a Traditional Britain.”
In my pursuit of the national question, I am forever looking for people who will spill the truth as it occurs plainly to me: that diversity in all forms does not work, and that nationalism is the only type of society that will conserve anything, whether culture, dignity, the environment, or even sanity.
As a result, I asked a few questions of David Hamilton to see if we could find some common ground. I think the results are interesting, and give us a clear vision of what nationalism is like in Britain and where it is headed.
Image: Enoch Powell, a founding force in British nationalism.
What is nationalism, and why is nationalism important?
It’s the largest natural unit of people before artificial creations like the EU. If you expand beyond it it becomes an Empire. Trying to form close links with similar people abroad is temporary because nations of racially similar people form their own national or ethnic identities.
However, at this stage when the kinship nations are imploding we need alliances across Europe and with the Anglosphere because we need each other for different reasons. I think the US needs Europe to re-link to the culture and forge deeper roots after being truncated at the Revolution while we probably will not be able to free ourselves from multi-racialism without American might. India or China would not let us off our knees without strength. To this end it would be wise for our royal family to marry Australians, Canadians or Anglo-Saxon Americans to strengthen links amongst our kindred.
Definitions like an “ideological or Proposition nation” have no meaning. It is the typical Progressives way of removing the meaning from terms and just leaving air. Pat Buchanan defines it in his robust Conservative way as a Blood and Soil nation.
What are the indigenous or native groups in the UK, and how do you foresee them working together under the type of civilization you would desire?
As things stand Britain is breaking apart. The Scottish are now pushing for independence and the Welsh have been encouraged to develop or revive their language. I would not stop a people having their own language and culture but not to use it in opposition to their neighbouring country; Ireland still harbours hostility to England. The problem is that it is largely English taxpayers money that finances these and the English are beginning to react against it. When the Celtic nations realise that we are all facing the biggest invasion since the fall of Rome and being dispossessed, there is hope that we can transcend the historical grudges they have against us to unite for common defence. One in eight of the population of Eire are asylum seekers so it is politic to stop fighting Ulster. We have to overcome internal, inherited grudges for the survival of or respective children.
If you were given power over the UK tomorrow, how would you change society and what changes would the average person notice immediately?
I would halt immigration and stop state benefits for all but those of British ancestry and deport illegals. Some say other countries would not take them back. They would if we were confident and if they could be shown the benefits educated and presumably trained repatriates could bring to them.
I would re-introduce capital punishment for certain types of murder and child molestation (paedophilia is a euphemism to stop it sounding so bad). There are cases where people whose lives have been destroyed by the murder of a close-one, usually one who should be protected by the authorities, are then treated with sickening cruelty by judges who give light sentences to the malefactor. This is particularly disgusting where evil judges let rapists and child molesters off with light sentences. This deprives innocent people of catharsis and signals that our corrupt judges will be sympathetic if they rape or murder our people.
Does it seem to you that nationalism is gaining strength?
There is a Liberal defence of Liberal values against Muslim ways, especially Sharia Law, across Europe, personified by Geert Wilders with a nationalism involved. I welcome this but am not a Liberal and base my views on inherited tradition and natural prejudice for one’s own people. As things stand the elites and public authorities are prejudiced in favour of ethnics and give them preferential treatment over us.
The great paradox is that the multi-racial ideology was a righteous reaction to the barbarism of Hitler but has itsaelf become persecutory and not only of we Whites. In Europe, especially france and Sweden, Jewish people are being persecuted by Muslims yet the Jewish leaders try to form alliances ith Muslims who hate them against us who are more or less supportive. I urge ordinary European Jewish people to rebel against their leaders for their own safety and join us in the defence of Europe.
There are Conservative values like Piety that we must promote: respect for our ancetors and what they created. The symbol of this is Aeneas carrying his father Anchises from the burning city of Troy in Virgil’s Aeneid.
Another conservative virtue was Noblesse Oblige. That is the obligations of the noble to their lesser brethren. People balk at this because they have fallen for the equality myth. In practice governments come up with schemes like Race Relations Acts then impose them on the population and the implementation percolates down a hierarchy of public officials to the population.
Europe is turning against immigration but the Nationalist-Conservative explosion is yet to come. It will when people realise that liberalism was replaced by what is called Cultural Marxism in the sixties but kept the name. They changed the traditional Liberal notion of individual rights to group rights then designated ethnics as victims and Whites as oppressers.
From then on Whites had oppressive race laws passed against them and ethnics were given preferential treatment under the guise of “special needs.” If a White speaks out they are subjected to loss of employment, a public show trial by the media and general persecution. Dr.James Watson was an example.
For the sake of our readers, can you define and distinguish the following: UK, English, British, Antipodean?
Antipodean surprised me. It refers to an Australian or New Zealander.
The United Kingdom is Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Most would say Britain, but rarely Great Britain, which refers only to England, Scotland and Wales. However, Britain has sometimes been used as an abbreviation for Great Britainand in certain contexts will therefore mean only England, Scotland and Wales, as in British Railways which did not include Ulster.
British is the category the elites slot ethnics into but they can not become English, Welsh, Irish or Scottish. I regard myself as English and part of the indigenous British family of nations.
Is nationalism separate from racism, or do the two overlap? If so, is nationalism a form of racism, or racism a form of nationalism?
To me nationalism is an expression of the being and interests of a racial group that has developed independently from a close-racial country like Germany in our case into a different ethnicity – culture, manners etc. Conservatism is the temperament that wants to conserve what we have inherited and pass it on to our children. The two complement each other.
I openly admit to being a racialist because I believe in racial differences between people but do not accept the Marxist pejorative term “racist.” When asked if he had caused racism with his speeches Enoch Powell replied:”What’s wrong with racialism? It’s the basis of nationhood.”
I regard prejudice as traditional wisdom received from our ancestors. It saves us learning the hard way and we would have been spared this dispossession by immigrants if our natural prejudices had been used after the last war.
It is silly to pretend that everyone is a new experience and we should open our minds. That is encouraging people to be naïve and gets them into danger in a harsh world. Worldly people who travel learn to judge people on their appearance – looks, body language etc.
If you are walking through city streets and see a group of young Blacks walking towards you unless you are very naïve, you cross the road. That is what we learn from experience.
How does your group hope to influence British politics, and what kind of response are you getting so far?
It is a three-pronged attack: explaining the historical causes of our predicament, exposing the prejudice against the indigenous people of their own elites and trying to suggest ways forward.
Some want to bring certain issues to public attention like the hidden genocide of White South African farmers or the widespread gang rapes of young White girls that were covered up by British police. In Blackpool the police suppressed a report that showed 11 Muslim fast food outlets were being used as “honeytraps” to lure young White girls as young as 11 and 12 into sex and then prostitution. That is an act of war on our people by a rival community.
What I envisage is an “intellectual frontline” taking the establishment head on and creating arguments for our people to justify their natural instincts. We have some excellent writers and these were brought together through the foresight of Paul Morris (aka Green Arrow) on Home of the Green Arrow, and The British Resistance websites who developed a stable of top writers who are better than most establishment writers.
Unfortunately the editor of the BNP website refused to do this, preferring to react to news stories and this held us back. This is also a problem with US blogs. They have no ideas of their own so they discuss the news! I’m pleased that Amerika.org is taking a creative approach. It is ludicrous to let the Establishment make the running, we must take the initiative and lead the debate.
Do you think nationalism must necessarily be paired with conservative politics or values? Are the two cut from the same cloth, or complementary?
To me nationalism qualifies Conservative. I mean a specific type of Conservatism, not monetarism or free market economics, which are forms of liberalism, or reductions in state benefits for the working classes, but a conscious re-linking with our traditions and history – our ancestors.
It could be called traditional Conservatism and the rejecton of universal abstractions for concrete terms is inspired by Edmund Burke’s campaign against the thinking behind The French Revolution which was the beginning of the progressive thinking we have now. The use of concrete terms rather than universal abstractions like English man and woman rather than persons leads to a clearer picture of what we are instead of the vague, umimaginable abstraction, humanity.
There is confusion about what nationalism is and everyone has a different idea. For a time the BNP was seen as our last chance now the leaders are hated and Griffin is thought of as a State op. I am promoting a type born of our traditions and history but ideologues want to start anew with a system of belief written down in a book like Das Kapital, The Thoughts of Chairman Mao or Mein Kampf.
One reason for the failure of “radical nationalism” in Britain is that it has no traditional origins and is an ideology or system of abstract concepts in imitation of Marxism. It appeals only to reason and people have to learn it by rote or be corrected. It is a secular form of religion with heaven on earth in a future utopia. To get there everyone has to be socially ingineered and made to fit into a sterotype. It is a type of thinking derived from The Enlightenment and should be left to Marxists, Liberals and Nazis. Anyone who diverges from doctrine is persecuted or attacked as a red.
A Nationalist Conservative view grows out of our emotions: our sense of belonging and affection for our history and confidence in a future for our civilisation. When were homogenous people trusted each other. Churchill knew this and in 1955 tried to intoduce a Bill to control immigration but had to stand down because of his health. His succesor Anthony Eden shelved it. Churchill also wanted the Conservative Party to campaign for that year’s general election under he slogan:”Keep England White.” There is a role model for us.
Multi-racialism has destroyed trust and is destroying civil society. It takes a police and surveillance state to hold it together. Even schoolchildren are now being fingerprinted for future use and those as young as 3 tested for racist attitudes.
Our views derive from an emotional and instinctive relationship with our people and our territory. It is more profound than rationalising or adopting an artificial blueprint for a Utopian world because it grows from natural, human instinct and emotion.
We must jettison dated Liberal categories like left and right for such as Traditionalist and Globalist, Patriot and Anti-British (or American).
Is nationalism important for reasons of biology, identity, political orientation, values, culture, heritage or all of the above? If all, what does it mean that it applies on so many levels?
Nationalism is the way the values you mention are perpetuated and maintained as opposed to Globalism or The New World Order which is about global money making for an elite group and believes in destroying all that our ancestors created for us in the belief that something else will grow from the ruins. This is why they share our technology with say, China and India. They sell our factories to them and thus give them the means to take over, then they will not want us. It is advanced behind the doctrine of racial equality and if any oppose it they are persecuted as “racists” or “haters”.
Our party has a similar outlook to the direction you have taken, which is to say that diversity itself is destructive, not the ingredients of diversity (specific ethnic groups). What led you to this direction?
Throughout history wars have been fought for territory and by allowing newcomers to stake claims, our corrupt and emasculated ‘elite’ are encouraging them to fight for more. In The Territorial Imperative Robert Ardry explains how much having a country of their own has boosted the confidence of Israelis, but our rulers are handing our ancestral homeland to invaders and protecting their welfare over and above that of our native people.
To give favourable treatment to aliens over our own people, “our kith and kin,” as the great fifth Marquess of Salisbury described them, is morally evil.
Is nationalism a prescriptive worldview, or a method of avoiding negative consequences (e.g. those of intermixing, ethnic crime or IQ differentials, etc)?
The problem is Progrssives have an unrealistic view of immigrants. They deny their human nature like us and pretend they are nice, grateful people coming here to be like us when, in reality, they come here to take advantage and bear us grudges for the Empire and the slave trade.
Ours is the natural worldview and grows from simple but instinctive impulses like the urge to put your own children first. A parent who puts other people’s children first is perverse and this applies on a wider level to the natural prejudice for one’s own nation and “Kith and Kin.”. There is no justification for misappropriating our people’s taxes to pay for foreign schemes like educating Africa or giving to the poor in China or India both of which have stronger economies than ours. This is an example of the moral corruption of Western elites. As Conservative economist P.T. Baur put it: Overseas aid is money taken from the poor in the West and given to the rich in the third world. Another excellent Conservative economist is Ezra Mishan and his The Costs of Economic Growth is essential reading for a Conservative economist.
We have natural bonds with our families, a responsibility for them and a duty to them. We also have a duty to pass on what we have inherited to our children, as they, in turn, will have a duty to their children. We owe a debt to our ancestors who bequeathed to us our nation and culture, and we must honour that.
Our loyalties begin with affection within families and this emanates outward to neighbourhood and nation. Men and women are distinctive sexual beings within their inherited collective identity. We belong to our kin, above strangers, and this affects the type of community we create.
Edmund Burke’s famous definition of society is that it is a continuous community of the living, the dead and those who are yet to be born. Each man and woman is part of a larger body. The individual dies, but descendants live on.
We have positive benefits to offer our people: preferential treatment in their own country, better education, priority in housing and employment for our children and protection from child-rape by older members of a rival community. You only need look at the names of graduates from medical and law schools to see how our young are being dispossessed. We would offer British children more opportunities and a better future without unfair competition from outsiders.
A book that was a great influence on me was Suicide of the West by great American Conservative James Burnham. If I may be bold I should like to suggest that American Conservatives develop a world view to suit contemporary and future needs by developing some of the excellent points made by Pat Buchanan in Death of the West and State of Emergency. He has laid down a superb groundwork. You have Operation Wetback as a precedent.
We have been held back in Britain by the BNP and their leaders who are destroying the party from within and discrediting the movement as a whole. Conservatism has been retarded by Conservative magazine editors like the Salisbury Review and Quarterly Review who are reluctant to face our situation as it is when with their reputations they could do so much good. They must make a more realistic assessment then start fighting for their children’s future. They must take on the elites and PC or they mislead young or unworldly people into thinking things are not too bad when, in fact, our civilisation has nearly been expunged. We are being colonised and wiped out. This no time for polite articles about minor cultural details.
The Traditional Britain Group should get some speakers with more dynamism likeFrank Ellis to address them and develop a momentum.
David Hamilton’s Recommended Reading