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The Way Out Of the Woods


As we try to fathom our contemporary situation we see everything that once gave us our bearings is being broken down. Our natural society made up of homogeneous communities is being de-constructed for the creation of a pre-meditated artificial society. The task for us writers is to try explain what is happening and not just to react to events but articulate what we need for our rebirth from the ashes of our old traditions. There are two main aspects: A spiritual defence and a practical defence. This is about the spiritual defence my next article will deal with the practical defence.

We have to change the political climate. The politicians who stand for our people and values do so in a hostile political atmosphere. Our people have been brainwashed for years into passively accepting their dispossession by anti-British elites.
The great achievement of "The Home of the Green Arrow and Friends" is that Green Arrow, while exposing news events, also had the brains and foresight to develop a team of outstanding writers who are beginning to articulate a coherent patriotic move to re-construct our ways and communities. Meanwhile, Sarah: Maid of Albion’s blog is important in exposing modern political myths and media lies.

What are we up against? When we assess our condition a metaphor springs to mind and it seems to me that we are benighted in dark woods and need to strike a light and find our way back. The UK is ruled by an ideological caste which is a self-selecting elite of people who hold the correct opinions and express them which demands total acceptance of the ideology for one to advance in life; it is a Kleptocracy, as they rob the population by deceit and theft from public funds. If you meet the ideological criteria you can fiddle yourself a fortune. Blair’s expenses records have now been accidentally shredded! Opening the door to immigration is a nice, little earner if your wife is a Human Rights lawyer.
Those who express, or are suspected of holding, unauthorized opinions never get a job in an Establishment position because they are given negative code words - "racists" or "haters." The result is the “Ideological caste” purged of independent thought and consisting solely of drones, and followers. They talk like mindless robots - sexism, homophobia, racism, hate speech. The education system filters dissidents, preventing them getting qualified. Malcolm Bradbury made it clear in “The History Man” that those labelled “right-wing” are marked down.

Those with a public profile are on message because of the "aspirational" adoption of elite orthodoxy by the middle class. This is why it is an “Ideological Caste” - you can only belong if you conform, and you have no career if you think for yourself. Sin is no longer wrong behaviour but wrong thinking - those who err are persecuted and subject to public humiliation.

The dominant ideology is “multi-racialism” and its militant wing “anti-racism.” These began as an ideological reaction to Hitler and the new Left replaced traditional liberals while adopting revised Marxism from such as The Frankfurt School. The opening of the camps had a massive effect on influential people in the West. The response was an inversion of what Hitler believed - groups he disliked became treated as special like gypsies and homosexuals. Jews were until their reported treatment of the Palestinians put them out of fashion again and now they are being persecuted throughout Europe by the nexus of EU elites and the imported Muslims. Those he revered (Whites) became the enemy of the ideology and the scapegoat if things went wrong. The other races being effectively deified can do no wrong: as in the Soviet Union wishful thinking replaces reality and their crimes are covered up!

The Caste show studied generosity towards immigrants, and pretend they are harmless which is what you do if you cannot face a danger. If there is a bully terrorising others you wish it away. Oh, he’s a good bloke ... he doesn’t bother me. .. perhaps they will start to like us… perhaps they will realise that we are nice people. It’s like being so frightened you pretend something is not happening. It is too painful for the elites to acknowledge and causes them sufficient anguish to strike out, blaming us.

Education is being “dumbed down”, the main thing, is to develop the correct attitudes. White children are indoctrinated to reject their identity, to be ashamed of their history and, if at all possible, to slander themselves and internalise racial guilt. Meanwhile, the children of immigrants learn how “racist” and “evil” our ancestors were. They learn to silence protest with a word only applied to us - racist. That demonstrates perfectly where the discrimination really lies. It prevents us objecting to the cheap labour that is destroying children’s futures. The results for law and medical schools show that Asian are pushing indigenous students out.

The government have the means to protect our borders as they police Iraq and Afghanistan. But they don’t want to. The media covers by telling us that the politicians have lost control of the orders. No, they have not. They want immigrants to flood in, which is why they advertise for them to come here in our overseas embassies. It is why the British Council trains young Africans in our ways and uproots them from their own villages and communities.

Politicians and TV are constantly being nice to ethnics and if any are involved in a cultural activity or a sport there is always an adjective of praise in front of the name. Wishful thinking overrides analysis. They don’t have to face the consequences of their inadequacy if they build us up as a bogey figure.

Those granted asylum get priority over British people. When they arrive they are homeless and do not bring houses with them so they must be taking ours. Brits on the waiting list may live in overcrowded conditions or in squalor, or may have a health priority such as spores from black mould in the house getting on their childrens’ lungs. But they will be classed as having a home and abandoned.

Asylum getters have their houses fitted out with every thing they need. There is a free car because its cheaper than paying for taxis for them. Indigenous people are advised to use public transport, but not asylum seekers.

A young women was given a temporary, emergency house, called a “dispersal property” usually reserved for asylum seekers (illegal immigrants). She was told not to use one of the rooms, because there was damaged furniture in it. She looked it - was full of things that are used to entice asylum seekers - phone, large flat screen television, pots and pans, blankets, recordable DVD player, X box, play station and a box full of various game and music DVD’s in various languages.

Decades of anti-British social, economic and educational policy have made white people less able to compete against migrant groups with strong ideologies like Islam. A moral relativist culture of tolerance could never stand up against people who are protected by family values, with a muscular religion. But the desire to redeem our declining civilisation exists. No matter that the elites makes so much effort to destroy our organic culture and re-culture us for Globalism, the will to survive is reviving from the bottom.

An early example of the state oppressing its own people and privileging foreigners was the judgements on the race battle in Notting Hill of 1958. Evil Judge Salmon gave excessive sentences of around 4 years to the young working-class lads but excused the Blacks.

The 1961 race battles in Dudley were similar. Young men were fearful of losing their jobs to immigrants but even worse, the immigrants were pulling their women while many locals were away serving their country on national service. The police arrested them and the magistrates punished them for acting naturally. The state was breaking down the primary instincts of its men to keep their women and territory!

In, “The Deculturalisation of the English People”, Rev. John Lovejoy told of how, on his return from Australia where he had worked closely with Aborigines, he was horrified to see that English people were being de cultured in the same way. The most important factor in a people’s decline is when the men lose their women. How often in a day do we encounter advertisements and other representations of the typical family unit as a Black with a white woman?

The main parties, the media, academics and corporations are promoting policies that are destroying us; far from representing us, they are against us. They and their followers effect moral superiority, while we are lectured on our wickedness because we object to our communities being destroyed and being used as dumping ground for immigrants when the Ideological Caste themselves have 2 homes in posh areas or beautiful village and the recent revelations of their expenses scams has disgusted the whole nation.

They transfer other peoples’ taxes to fellow Kleptocrats in the Third World under the guise of helping the starving or poor but make no effort to ensure that needy people get the aid.

The young are given no sense of cultural legacy, but taught what races we wronged and who to apologise to. As long as the state controls education and the parents abdicate their responsibilities the decline will continue. We have to face up to the fact that we are allowing them do this to us and need to resist.

The rulers are paralysed by fear of immigrants but tell themselves it is virtue - tolerance, absence of prejudice, we are all coming together in the brotherhood of man! They pretend the immigrants are assimilating. It’s as if during the journey they shed their ways like shedding a skin and arrived here wanting to become British!

When it comes to different ethnic groups otherwise rational people become sentimental and weak. It’s like a woman on seeing a baby or a child talking to its pet. They go to pieces in a girly sentimentality that causes them to pretend invaders are coming to improve our culture and look after the sick and elderly!

It is like a family writ large. Sometimes one is despised and does not get the care that makes one feel worthy. This is what is causing immoral behaviour and a giving up amongst our working classes who are neglected for immigrants.

The opinions of the “caste” are assumptions - they never justify their views while we are put on media trial. I suppose they convince themselves they are righting wrongs, and redressing the balance, by showing us in a bad light and the ethnics as always competent and worthy. They habitually describe them as intelligent.

Meanwhile television is telling us to feel sympathy for immigrants and how ill-used they have been. They boost them but put us down. The neglect is psychological and subliminal. We are left out of adverts as the typical unit is portrayed as a black with a white woman.

When they apply to open a Mosque the authorities think it is something harmless, like a local church. They hide in the comforting illusion that Islam is “a religion of peace.” But underneath the rulers are capitulating, betraying us to an enemy who will visit vengeance on our next generations for wrongs committed by these same rulers who invaded their homelands in Iraq and Afghanistan in an unjustified invasion and bombed their women and children! They think they can make Muslim countries Western and assimilate everyone here!

There is a pretence that the British Muslims against us are a tiny minority but it’s not half-a-dozen chaps who bump into each other and think “Oh, lets plant some bombs!” They are part of a rival community for our territory.

The authorities can not face it when they do plant a bomb and ask their neighbours leading questions then pretend how much they had integrated and how he loved fish and chips. They gather endless statistics on the widespread support for terrorism then ignore them because they can’t face it.

When the “Ideological Caste” discuss the multi-racial society they never give examples of the consequences but name sports personalities; when we give examples of territorial expansion like the ethnic cleansing of our own people, they do not prove us wrong with debate but slander us because our exposing reality frightens them. There is no attempt to be honest - they have closed minds.

We are given semi-psychiatric labels for our resistance – prejudice, living in the past, irrational. We are having false identities imposed on us and internalising the negativity. For example, what is “racist” about wanting our own communities? What is racist about conserving jobs and homes for our own children?

Two of the most influential figures who are rarely discussed in patriotic literature are Claude Levi-Strauss the structural anthropologist and the trendy Michael Foucault with his inversions of traditional attitudes.

Levi-Strauss’s paper to the UN 1951 conference in London was massively influential. The UN wanted to get back to Enlightenment liberalism and ensure that no one was locked into their culture again as had just happened in Germany. Levi-Strauss’s idea was that if you take the content out all cultures are equal as cultural products can be shown to have the same structure: an African story and, say, Hamlet! One of his influential concepts we were to eschew was "ethnocentricity".

National Conservatives like John Casey in “Authority and Tradition” from “Conservative Essays”(ed) Maurice Cowling and philosopher Roger Scruton in "Thinkers of the New Left" tried to counter this revised Marxist thinking but with their own methods - trying to rationally disprove their ideology.. Entering into debate with the dominant ideology is wrong and leads us into irrelevant by-ways. We must expose what they have done but concentrate on what we can do. We look at the world differently, not through a rationalised ideology but emotion, common sense and study of reality.

A letter from John Stokes MP in The Times of 27th May 1976, shows the different types of thinking: “The question is not one of simply maintaining good race relations here, but of preserving our national identity. What sort of people are we to become? Surely not a hotch-potch of all kinds of peoples whose first loyalty is found to be to their own homelands and who we know will never truly integrate with us. What an end to a thousand years of glorious history for our nation! The intellectuals, the intelligentsia and some sections of the media (middle class to a man) expect our English working class to absorb these alien peoples in ever increasing numbers.”

The BNP should link to the many patriotic social and cultural Conservatives (not market forces or free trade) who opposed immigration, as a starting point and develop from there.
They were right to highlight Churchill’s national Conservatism but should make more of his attempt to have a Bill to control immigration introduced in 1955 and his idea that the Conservatives should use the slogan “Keep England White”! Peter Catterall (ed.), 'The Macmillan Diaries: The Cabinet Years, 1950-1957' Macmillan. 2003 p 382.

Our perspective is deeper and grows from an emotional and instinctive relationship with our people and our territory than the “Castes”. It is more profound than rationalising or adopting an artificial blueprint for a Utopian world because it grows from natural, human instinct.

Our emotional relationship with our land and kin is natural and needs no intellectual reasons to justify it any more than spouses have to justify favouring their partner or parents their children. Parents who want other children to do better than their own are perverse and un-natural! They are on the same emotional scale!

Most people have friends, colleagues and relations from other ethnic groups nowadays but we have to ask ourselves: “Can we allow our children be pushed out of jobs, homes, and college places in their own country?” Look at statistics from Office of National Statistics (which don’t take into account the births to mothers born here) and then look at your children and ask: ”Am I betraying my own children ? Where will they live and work?” To give favourable treatment to aliens over our own people, what the great fifth Marquess of Salisbury called “Our kith and kin” is perverse and un-natural.

We have a duty to our children to pass on what we inherited as they in turn will have to theirs and we owe a debt to our ancestors who bequeath our nation and culture to us and must honour that. The honouring is in maintaining what they left to us and the duty is in passing it on to our descendants. In the wise words of General George S.Patton:”All men are afraid in battle. The coward is the one who lets his fear overcome his sense of duty. Duty is the essence of manhood.”

scouse norm
You are right about Green Arrow he did have the forsight to develop a team of outstanding writers who write outstanding articles and this is one of them.It is excellent and says what all patriotic people think but,like me , do not have the ability to put it to paper in such an intellectual way.The quality of the writing and writers on this site is second to none and I am sure the articles are read by many mainstream journalists with envy--not that they will ever admit to it.

John4 · 
It makes one wonder why the people are being sold the same old bunk by the Lib. Dems. and they think it is something new. Have they not stolen that old party insult from the BNP. One of the major concerns of the British public is immigration do they have any idea of Cleggs party's policies on this.
scouse norm ·
No I don't think they do have any idea of the LibPervs--sorry LibDems ---policy on immigration ie amnesty and they have always had an open door policy but they just see Clegg as the fresh faced ' new boy on the block ' and if they vote for him everything will be ---well fine.That is about as far as the average voter in our country gets because,generally, the majority do not have a clue about what is going on in.It is only when they either get the experience first hand because their 'nice' neighbourhood isn't nice anymore because it has been over run with third world scrounging immigrant criminals and mosques etc or,in the case of Barking and Dagenham,where the residents are a bit more astute and clued up to what is happening because they and their families have seen it all before when they were pushed out of their homes in the East End to make way for a Bangledashie invasion and are not going to tolerate it again.As Nick Griffin said '' this is where it ends ''or ,last but not least , because the BNP continually rams it home to people what immigration is doing to our country and, at last,people are beginning to listen hence the success of this great party.Just a' minor' point to finish and that the audience in the debates will,undoubtably,be hand picked after a thorough questionaire in other words lemmings and yes people.Sad isn't it?
misterfox · 
Coincidentally Norm, I just found this on the ethnic cleansing of the East End from The Salisbury Review -

The Salisbury Review on the take over of the East End - http://www.salisburyreview.co.uk
scouse norm ·
Interesting words at the end ''yes Mr Dobson they came,they saw and they are taking it '' and they have done so ever since -take,take and take and give virtually nothing back.If I make any more comments about the Salisburyreview they will not be printable.Good link,misterfox,and I would suggest that you do one of your excellent articles about it but I am worried about the increase in heart attacks of people as old as me...................I just want to live long enough to see Nick Griffin and some other BNP MPs wield some power in Pareliament.
scouse norm · 
Of couse instead of saying -I would suggest --I should have said 'may I suggest.

Richard · 
Wow, what an article. It's great to hear from people who think the same. What is going on is enough to make you go mad.
Tim · 
A impressive and informative Article. I look forward to Part 2.

scouse norm · 
And so do I---with relish.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Who Occupies the Moral High Ground?

Conservative philosopher Roger Scruton has written severally that “ an ideology needs an enemy”. In the West that is us - “whites”. The chosen method is to dehumanise the enemy so that it can be persecuted or even assassinated without conscience. They think it will fool the public when they try to outlaw the BNP’s racial admission rules, despite leaving the various black and Asian groups to operate their own racial membership policies.

These comments show the Ideological Caste’s dehumanisation of its enemies in language they would otherwise eagerly attribute to Nazis:
Trevor Phillips: “The BNP should be treated as less than human”.
Nick Bourne - Welsh Tory MP: “The BNP are subhuman”

The voice of whites in Britain is the BNP and the whole establishment is conspiring to de-humanise them with a level of incitement that is unprecedented. If this type of hate campaign was against another ethnic group they would be facing a seven year jail sentence. The whole Establishment has shown itself to be the same type of hate-filled ideologues that dehumanised Jews in Nazi Germany. It is an ideology of hate like those in Soviet Russia, Mao’s China and Cambodia against a particular group.

I am very grateful to Stuart, a NHS employee for this illuastration of how de-humanisation works.
“It reminds me of anti-aggression training in the NHS. Things to watch for before you get thumped: You nurses are all the same! All you nurses are *******s, you go from being an individual person (which it is not okay to hurt), to a group of people, to a non-human that it is okay to hurt. Once you are not human watch for the thump. It’s coming very soon." Change nurses to BNP and the swear words to thug, knuckle-dragger, Nazi and racist.”

If a BNPer does something wrong the Caste generalise to dehumanise them, and the whole party is dehumainised But the Caste present themselves as individuals when they are exposed for breaking the rules and thieving from the public and so the whole party is still thought respectable when really the mainstream parties are brimful of deceivers and crooks.

It has been reported that the Met will question some MP’s and Peers about their expenses. But the newspapers, the Met and the government and most of the public all know it will be whitewashed. Even so, public opinion will be manipulated to deceive people into thinking our ruling elite are subject to the law.

The Establishment smear campaigns contain some ‘facts’ but are mainly half-truths and downright lies because, as have I said, they can not counter the new arguments. What they use to dehumanise their targets they ignore in their favoured groups.

The Sunday Times of 14th June showed that underneath the veneer of respectability and intellectual gravity the Times’ journalists tell the same lies as The Sun and Mirror - Nick Griffin MEP does not have dogs called Anne and Frank; he did not loose an eye during paramilitary manoeuvres, but when a discarded shotgun cartridge hidden in household waste exploded in a fire; MEP Robert Fiore, a friend of Griffin’s, was not implicated in a terrorist bombing in Italy. That is another lie and Fiore has sued several papers for reprinting that lie started by a Communist front organisation. Both the Sunday Times and Searchlight share a political outlook.

They foster the same ideology of hatered for the indigenous British as semi-literate gutter press: The Sun and Daily Mail lied that the BNP put out leaflets during the EU elections calling for the Gurkhas to be sent home. That was done by an anti-Fascist group who illegally put the BNP’s name to it. (1)

But these journalists don’t let honesty stand in the way of good propaganda. They expose Griffin’s past sins against convention but cover up the much more serious sins of the politicians on their own side. The Caste accuse Griffin and his party of hating, but their hatred for their own people is perverse and unnatural. Deep in their psyches, one suspects, these liars fear and envy Griffin’s honesty and courage.

We are taken us on countless TV documentary journeys into tribes and tribal cultures around the developing world and shown stomach-churning sights of animal sacrifice and initiation rites, and never do they tell us that to preserve these people is Nazi or racist or thuggish.

Try and say that Europe has ethnic people and traditions that must be preserved too and you will run into a wall of hostility. Marxists have managed to bully people of the north European cultures into accepting that they have no racial identification and, therefore, do not really exist, and they have no right to even murmur about self-preservation. To do this would be evil and selfish, and re-connect to all those too awful symbols of European supremacy: slavery and Adolf Hitler.

BBC Wales aired a programme just after the EU elections to expose Arthur Kemp, and it was an excellent example of the genre. It started with a pre-judgement(prejudice) against not just Kemp but those sinfull people they call “white”. (2)

By selecting evidence on them that ignores all other ethnic groups it proceeds to discriminate against them. It also left out what is really happening in South Africa like the genocide of white African farmers by blacks to create the impression that Black rule is a success.

BBC programme-makers typically wait for months until they get something on their prey, then they present it purely according to their ideology (which, of course, enables them to pose as tolerant and so very morally superior to their “Nazi” prey). The hypocritical immorality is never allowed to intrude. When the BBC acted in concert with the legal system to prosecute Griffin what was over looked was that he did not make the speech to the public. It was the BBC who broadcast it to the public.

All this takes place within an extreme ideological world view that uses modern multiracial myths like “They seek to divide communities”. That one depends on the false notion that multiracial communities are melding together.

One of the subtler tricks is to describe their activists as “anti-racists”, thus sanitising them and by implication demonising the other. It also hides the fact that these anti-fascist groups are the ones involved in street thuggery. For the elites are in league with the street thugs and use deceitful photographs like the Searchlight agents flying to Italy to be photographed making Nazi salutes to BNP deputy chairman Simon Darby so that the media could publicise it to put people off voting for them. Or worse! (3)

The Ideological Caste cover up for each right up to the point where someone oversteps the rules of public acceptability. Even then, a programme described the BNP’s attacks on the expenses scandal as a “toxic cocktail”. Everything is manipulated. The public is provided with no material that has not been ideologically filtered.

Even before this month’s EU Parliament elections the gutter-press Guardian was working overtime to stop the public voting for the BNP. When that failed they carried straight on with the attack:
Andrew Brons said of his victory: "I regard this as the first step towards the UK, the British people, getting freedom from the European Union dictatorship."

Divorced with two grown-up daughters and four grand children, Mr Brons was 17 when, in 1964, he started his political activism, signing up for the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement, an organisation that was deliberately founded on Hitler's birthday. NSM members were responsible for an arson campaign against Jewish property and synagogues in the 1960s. It is not that these sentiments should go unchallenged, they should, but the media play them up to harm someone for what he said 23 years-ago to focus attention away from their Muslim allies chanting “Jews to the gas” throughout Europe last January. (4)

The Establishment are trying to destroy rivals who are openly challenging them and exposing their corruption as the BNP exposed the police cover-up of the widespread child-rape of young white girls by older Muslim men. Take no notice of this obsession with holocaust denial they use that to weaken us while nearly every Muslim in the country denies the holocaust and believes Mossad did the Twin Towers but the media keep that quiet!

There are many racial attacks on Jewish people by Muslims. There are Muslim shops all over the UK selling ”The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”. Many of our elites encourage terrorism not only Peter Hain and George Galloway. Ken Livingstone's is a history of invective against Jews and Israel. A couple of months ago Cherie Blair’s sister Lauren was filmed by intrepid BNP photographers inciting Muslims against Jews in a Blackburn park but the media ignored it.(5}

Here she is interviewing Bob Bailey a candidate in the EU elections for Iranian owned Press TV. Why did the police allow her to get away with it? For the same reason they cover up Muslims child-raping young white girls all across he country. They are in league with Muslims against their own people and the Jewish community.

Witness: The profile told us: ”At the time he (Brons) was the chairman of the National Front and was marching through the streets with his colleagues chanting slogans including "white power" and "death to Jews". Brons’ supposed statements were 24 years ago whereas Muslims attacking Jewish restaurants in Golders Green was only in January during the Gazza demonstarations. Like their Muslim allies chanting “Jews to the gas” throughout Europe. Why play up the one but keep the other quiet?

At Globalist Rupert Murdoch’s Sun Graeme Wilson devalued an elected British politician:”Bad egg hit by good egg.” Then the common language again: ” Griffin- his fascist party’s first MEP.”
A less measured variation on the theme from Weyman Bennett:” We came here to stand up for the people who have faced the intimidation of violence of racist thugs.” UAF supporter David Cameron used the same language when he called the BNP “Nazis and thugs.” (6)

What else do the media keep from the public? Labour MP Shahid Malik predicting the total Islamification of Britain and a Muslim prime minister, “Allah willing”, within the next thirty years at the October 2008 “Global Peace and Unity.”

Over the past four years, Malik claimed more than £60,000 from the Commons authorities towards his “second home” in London and number of luxury items including a £2,600 home cinema system yet he was brought back into government!

On the 10th of June 2009, The Metro and The Sun set up a target for violence or violence. (7)
John Higginson chief political correspondent of The Metro showed his intellectual grasp of political ideas by writing in mindless cliches:

“Far-right leader Griffen is splattered as anti-fascists protest over poll victory.”

What really happened – an organised and fascistic, physical assault on Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons at a press conference they had called - is distorted by the code-words. Thus, the morally undeserving “far right” Griffin is justly humiliated by (merely) protesting “anti-fascists”.

The Daily Star went further and incited its readers to throw chapattis at Griffin. This is simply hate-speech and can only serve to inflame the racial situation as chapattis are ethnic food.

Over at arch-Globalist Rupert Murdoch’s The Sun, Graeme Wilson devalued an elected British politician thus:

“Bad egg hit by good egg.”

Then the common language again:

“Griffin- his fascist party’s first MEP.”

The semi-literate papers have for years told their readers how to vote but now they are inciting violence against a legal political party. The owners of these papers are foreigners, and this is outside intervention in our internal politics. Never again must foreigners be allowed to own our newspapers.

Both Establishment and apparatchiks use a common language. The “anti-fascists” commonly describe the BNP as fascists and the apparently respectable opinion-formers have adopted this. In his interview with Griffin, David Dimbleby used the word fascist. Dimbleby would not invite SWP leaders like Martin Smith and Weyman Bennett to dinner, unless he wanted to show what a fine fellow he is, because they are the wrong class. But when it comes to defending the elites’ way of life they share the same prejudices.

The caste usually incite violence indirectly so they can keep up the appearance of respectability. But Peter Hain, who did so much to bring about the genocide of whites in South Africa and has never apologised for it, has now called for violent confrontation with the BNP. He is trying to do the same thing here - while he makes himself rich by corruptly trousering £103 grand. The language is the same as with the others:

It is vital that everyone now isolates and confronts the BNP and works with United Against Fascism to defeat them. The gang of UAF thugs attack Nick Griffin everyone can see ...

The Sun are now encouraging more attacks, and this in a country with hundreds of Muslim extremists and terrorists. They are actually encouraging assassination. If anything happens again remember that and get the evidence from the newspaper reports of how they lead people on.

An openly illegal incitement to violence against a democratically elected politician was published by London media:

I’m so disappointed with the people that threw eggs at BNP leader Nick Griffin yesterday when he attempted to hold a victory press conference...come on people...we live in a multi cultural democracy...so next time please FOR THE SAKE OF THIS DEMOCRACY can you chuck BRICKS at the racist instead???...much more effective, n’est pas?

Ali Sichilongo, London

So why are such untrue and hateful words employed in the media? Possibly because of something Griffin has in mind for the elites. He told the BNP conference in Blackpool:

“We all know that they have announced that there will now be another inquiry into the Iraq War. Of course there should not be an inquiry, but rather a war crimes trial, based on the principles established during the Nuremburg Trial.

“The accused must include the politicians and the propagandists who generated the background to the war. This will include the newspaper editors and media owners who are just as responsible for the lies which led to that war.

“However, we have enough evidence right now to make a case against Geoff Hoon and Tony Blair for an incident during the Balkans War when a Serbian TV station was bombed. I will be laying a charge with a central London police station very soon over this matter.”

This is why the corrupt thieves and liars of the caste have to try and silence those who threaten them. Presumably it’s also why Griffin does not have state security like Geert Wilders in the Netherlands and Salman Rushdie did here. His protection rests largely in us informing the public that State forces are dehumanising him for attack..

(1) http://www.cesc.net/radicalweb/scholars/rankin/ar2.html

(2) http://www.arthurkemp.com/


(3) http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/multimed....1204_34745a.jpg

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(6) Drag to 6 minutes.


Prejudice, self-help and civil disobedience

The Ideological Caste in the broad sense - the corporate, banking and political classes, intellectuals and academics, media personnel, and so forth - are in league with people who are engaged in taking our country off us and taking our children’s futures from them. They are prejudiced against us and in favour of Muslims!

Enoch once stated that immigrants are swaggering around our cities like conquerors. More people every day are starting to see it as it becomes clearer what is really going on. I have written before that our elites are surrendering us to Islam by allowing them to take over. At the highest levels, bankers and politicians make deals to get money from people like the Saudis, who finance Wahhabism, to conquer the West through a pincer movement of violence and cultural infiltration. The Prime Minister and Lord Mandelson asked the Saudis to put money into the IMF and offered them and other Gulf states more influence in global institutions in return. Barclays Bank, has had nearly £6 billion invested from Abu Dhabi and Qatar.

This has consequences in everyday life.

1. Islamist ideas are spread through our country by Islamic study centres attached to universities. Professor Anthony Glees revealed eight universities - including Oxford and Cambridge - have had more than £233.5 million from Saudi and Muslim sources since 1995. The Saudi monarchy are building The Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (OCIS), founded in 1985. Prince Charles is its honorary patron.

Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, was quoted in the Daily Mail of 5th July 2008 as saying Christian doctrine is offensive to Muslims, and criticising Christianity’s history for its violence, its use of harsh punishments and its betrayal of its peaceful principles. His sent a conciliatory letter to Islamic leaders calling for an alliance between the two faiths for ‘the common good’. Does he intend to destroy his own church?

2. The elites submitted to Saudi threats when they abandoned the bribery investigation into the arms deal between Saudi Arabia and BAE systems because the Saudi authorities threatened: ‘British lives on British streets’ would be at risk, as explained by Britain’s former ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles. These are the controllers of terror groups in the West that Brown and other elites are colluding with against their own people!

3. Brown is to make London the global centre of Islamic banking. Sharia finance was founded in mid-20th century by Islamist ideologues to further global Islamic rule by creating separate administrative systems. Muslims have to donate some of their income to charity, and that goes through the Sharia banking system. The clerics who distribute the money are advocates of terror like Sheik Yusuf Qaradawi, who supports suicide bombing in Iraq and Israel, and Sheik Muhammed Taqi Usmani, who ran a madrassa that supported the Taliban, yet sits on the Sharia supervisory board of the Dow Jones Islamic Index Fund.

4. With encouragement from our rulers, Muslims are creating a rival legal system. The Sunday Times September 14th 2008 reported that Islamic law has been officially adopted in Britain. The government secretly sanctioned the powers for Sharia judges to rule on cases ranging from divorce and financial disputes to those involving domestic violence. Rulings issued by a network of five Sharia courts are enforceable by the judicial system, through the county courts or High Court. Before this, rulings of Sharia courts in Britain could not be enforced and required voluntary compliance among Muslims. There are now , with twenty-two in the Midlands alone, which shows how quickly Muslims are taking over our country with the encouragement of the decadent authorities. (1)

5. I understand that former Chief Constable of West Yorkshire the late Colin Cramphorn told a meeting that child abuse is part of our future so “get used to it”! In 2004 he also managed to get a Channel 4 investigation into Muslim child-grooming spiked on the grounds that it would “increase community tensions”. (2)

When the Caste betrays us in such a fashion, sinking so low as to look the other way when Muslim men groom and rape our children, we are plainly on our own. We have to form self-help groups, and we have to contemplate civil disobedience.

The catalyst for civil disobedience was when Muslims in Luton insulted the local regiment, The Royal Anglians, on their homecoming march through the town. This rioting in Luton was covered up. (3)

Anjem Choudary is the voice of Al Qaeda and the British front of the global Jihad to convert our nation from the Dar al-Harb, into the Dar al-Islam. He has been holding road shows throughout Britain with the blessing of the authorities to promote Sharia law for our country in a power struggle between our communities, which last week included the insult to us of the conversion to Islam of an eleven year old English boy in Birmingham. This is the sort of thing the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams is working for. (4)

Choudrey stated that Southall should be the centre of power “when Islam takes over the UK”. His followers cheered as he called for Muslims to “rise up” and seize power in Britain". (5)

He has allies in the British Establishment who are encouraging the introduction of Sharia Law and, out of hatred for their own people, are encouraging Muslims to push them out by massive immigration to augment their high birth levels. Several prominent lawyers have called for Sharia Law: Anne Elizabeth Oldfield Butler-Sloss, Baroness Butler-Sloss (née Havers) GBE PC; Nicholas Addison Phillips, Baron Phillips of Worth Matravers PC, (born 21 January 1938) is the Senior Lord of Appeal in Ordinary. He was Master of the Rolls from 2000 to 2005 and Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales from 2005 until 1 October 2008; and Stephen Hockman QC, an influential figure among barristers.

These evil people are the causes of the problems on our streets as they are encouraging Anjem Choudrey’s Muslim revolution.

To defend our communities and our daughters, British people are having to form self-help groups. They are utterly disillusioned with the rich, cosy-living Caste that is having them pushed out of their communities and keeps the child-rape of young white girls of eleven and twelve by Muslims quiet.

The state deals with by media blackouts under DA-notices and oppression by the political police. A member of The English Defence League who opposed Choudry’s roadshow to spread Sharia Law on July 4th in North London explained:

During the time waiting for Choudary a small group of young Moslems who were stirring us up by passing comments, and making threats. Several times they walked past us, goading us to react which eventually we did.

Suddenly, about eight police wagons and cars arrived, police scrambled out surrounding the protesters in a heavy handed way. The group of young Moslems had phoned the police alleging that the protesters had been racially abusive to them. Two young protesters were manhandled, then arrested and then taken away in a police wagon. The rest of the protesters were searched, filmed, had personal details taken and verified, and threatened with arrest if we walked into the centre of Haringay. A Section 60 order was in force in the borough for the day. (6)

Choudary had spotters out in the borough pinpointing where the EDL were. Then some young Muslim arrived to stir the group up, those Moslem kids then phoned the police crying ‘racism’, the police came and arrested people for racism. The arrests justify the police action? It is a group of young Moslems’ word against the EDL members who were arrested, and those members who were present who heard and saw what went on but the British legal system is biased against their own people. Will this be used as a show trial for the State to show solidarity with Muslims against us?

The group who had stayed in Wood Green learned that Choudary had set up his road show in a neighbouring borough to avoid Section 60. The group were joined by some United British Alliance members who carried out the protest without notifying anyone. They disrupted Choudary’s roadshow - he called in about twenty of his men of whom around six badly beat one of the group who was then run over by a bus and had to be taken to hospital unconscious in an ambulance. The Muslim thugs then besieged the pub where the protesters had met and smashed it up and threw objects through the windows at those inside. Remarkably the police didn’t notice this!

It took this protest for the police to authorise the Section 60 powers and move Choudry on? But shouldn’t they be using these powers wherever he sets up a roadshow that is promoting the takeover of our country, and is recruiting for that purpose? Muslims in Europe mobilize many street soldiers within a matter of minutes, consonant with Lord Ahmed’s threat to mobilise ten thousand outside parliament to prevent Dutch MP Geert Wilders showing his film “Fitna” to members of the House of Lords.

The defenders of our communities will respond by improving communications to warn others of attacks in a particular area. Muslims will increase attacking people in force and picking off those in small groups and blaming those they attack knowing the law is on their side. There seem to be many Muslims who want a fight. It would be best to be prepared as the authorities are allowing them to do it. The defenders will certainly need a digital camcorder to record these events for evidence to counter the fabrications of the State.

There was also a protest in Birmingham where the conversion of the young English boy took place. It is the city where the terrorists tried to capture and behead a Muslim soldier in the British Army. It is where, in an editorial in The Birmingham Post a couple of years ago, some drip asked, “Is there anything intrinsically wrong with Muslims becoming a majority?”

A protester in Birmingham related:

“When I arrived at the rendezvous point a police officer asked us if we were here for the meeting and directed us to the Pavilions shopping area, and from the direction of Moor Street station about fifty protesters appeared singing. The police quickly pushed them in our direction forming a line but this enabled all of us scattered in the crowds to join our band of brothers.

The police pushed everyone in a tight circle and formed a tight human chain around us. There was probably about 100 in the circle but outside there was probably more, as at one point I was outside and then went into the circle. There was constant singing from our crowd, all light-hearted which kept the stopping shoppers entertained, and the police forming the shield seem quite good natured.

After about half an hour just in front of the main Bull Ring entrance a gang of Muslims started to form and the police made a line in front of them. They were singing Abu Akhbar, I think, but it was hard to tell and the area became more crowded with supporting shoppers, and it began to get quite hot.

Then everyone started looking in the direction of New Street at the sound of sirens and it seemed that the police were reversing a number of large police wagons across New Street and High Street right in front of us? Was this to block the whole area off or were they intending to arrest the demonstrators ? We don’t know.

Suddenly, the back of the crowd made a break through the police lines to dash down High Street, the police circle quickly fell apart as many of us just blended in with the watching shoppers as there then seemed to be a police chase down High Street.

The only incident I saw was outside Marks and Spencers on the High Street, where a white pro-Palestinian was on his soap-box shouting, “They’re all BNP”. On going over and telling him “No, you’re wrong and check out some of the black lads in the group", he called the police over and told the usual lies about our conversation. The police were not fooled and told him to get off his soap-box and go home. They were OK with us. And that was it. We then went on our way.

My summary : At no one point did I witness any racism. At no point did I see the police draw a baton, nor did I see them being aggressive with the demonstrators. All I saw was a peaceful demonstration which seemed welcome by the shoppers in Birmingham city centre."

However, there was total news blackout of these two simultaneous protests. A correspondent told me she had emailed the editor of Birmingham Evening Mail on Thursday, two days in advance but he ignored her! It looks as the government are allowing democratic protest but containing it by the use of the police and keeping it quiet by the use of DA-notices to gag the media! (7)

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David Cameron and The United Front Against Whites

David Cameron and The United Front Against Whites

On the Tommy Boyd's Talk Radio show of 17 February 2009 Weyman Bennett described David Cameron as a supporter of the Marxist UAF! Are the Conservatives still the patriotic party or a Con that pretends to support the nation but when in power carry on with the work of the Labour Party? Bennet accused the BNP of violence but at 2008 Red White Blue, 33 arrests were recorded - including left wing thugs throwing rocks at children and elderly people. Yet no members or supporters of the BNP were arrested. What is Cameron doing with people like that if he is a Tory?
The Daily Mail of 22 January reported his speaking to think tank Demos which is The Progressive Conservatism Project developing policies and ideas that are radical. Conservatives are now pursuing progressive goals which were once left-wing like social justice, social mobility and an end to poverty. How, they ask, can these be achieved through ‘conservative’ means? They are turning the Conservative party into a neo-Marxist outfit like Nulab!
cameron said his party wants to abolish child poverty and increase social mobility. The four aims of 'progressive Conservatism' are - a fair society, a green environment, safety for citizens and equal opportunity... 'Yes, they are ends that we share with people in the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrat Party and right across the mainstream political spectrum. But no, we do not agree about how best to achieve those ends.”(1)
What people fail to understand is that the Conservative Party is no longer conservative. They should be done under Advertising Standards laws or change their name. They are another aspect of PC ideology Party. You cannot "change" the fundamental tenets of Conservatism but you can become something else behind the name. In 1991 the party got rid of the remaining traditionalists when it purged the Monday Club to make it another vehicle of neo-Marxism, PC and to serve the Globalists agenda.
What do traditional Conservatives believe? American Conservative Robert Nisbet (1966): "The ethos of Conservatism is tradition…...defence of social tradition and emphasis on the values of community, kinship, hierarchy, authority, and religion; add also Conservatism’s premonition of social chaos surmounted by absolute power once individuals have become wrenched from the context of these values by the forces of liberalism and radicalism. The Conservatives began with the reality of the institutional order as they found it, the order bequeathed by history".
The sense of belonging to a people and a putting their interests first was shown by Indian PM, Mrs Gandhi’s, 'Indianisation' policies commenced about 1962 in which Europeans were asked to leave their posts on the basis of race; the the Africanisation policies of Robert Mugabe, are cruel and brutal and, even though they can not run their society, they see it as theirs and want to do it for themselves; the Africanisation policies of the ANC are racist but multi-racialists and anti-racists support racist policies if they are against “white people”! There was the expulsion of over 10 million Europeans between 1945 and 1948 on the basis of their race and nationality.
Indigenous Indians are given preference in India - in fact we wouldn't be allowed in and if we did wouldn't be eligible for anything. Every country puts the interests of its own first, but our establishment want to see the indigenous British dispossessed in their own country. Why don't the elites just admit they hate us and want to destroy us?
In September(2008) , in a speech to the Israeli parliament, Gordon Brown called on the nations of the world to ensure that our era becomes the century of the global community.
He swore to a “make a reality of the vision of a global society in which we create global civic institutions that turn words of friendship into bonds of human solidarity.
David Cameron is also a servant of the global elites pushing for globalism. During his visit to Rwanda last summer, while there was severe flooding in his Whitney, Oxfordshire constituency, he showed which people he supported: ˜There is no domestic or foreign any more. In this world today, we are all in it together.”

There is no difference, one word that has been driving me nuts has been the word ‘Global’, every time Gordon Brown opens his mouth the word ‘Global’ comes out over and over again, Cameron is no different, here is a quote from Cameron in 2007 taken from an article ‘Cameron sets out vision for EU’
In his speech, Mr Cameron said the priorities should be the "three Gs" of globalisation, global warming and global poverty.
They all use the same language and concepts and most of his main ideological concerns are the same as the other elites and as Brown has shown a main part of the globalist vision is the creation of a new corporate and political network which would operate beyond nations. The Utopians believed that harmony could be made on earth not heaven by world government. H. G. Wells, the science fiction writer and socialist philosopher, was an advocate of a “permanent world congress” and specialised international agencies which would end the nation state. Patriotism, he believed, was “mere flag-waving with no constructive duties”. Now the dreamers are in power and doing it through deceit and manipulation.
Cameron visited Bolton on Monday 5th January 2009 and addressed a more than 1,000 leading members of the Asian community, at the Reebok Stadium. Cameron ignored the indigenous populatiion. He announced: “We have hitherto been able to rise to the challenge and sustain our coherence and unity. We have done so through a combination of a steadfast faith in our institutions and values, such as freedom under the rule of law, pluralism and tolerance….and because society – not only the majority community but the minority community too – were prepared to stand together as one. There is no reason to think we cannot do the same today.” But he knows that under the EU “Rule of Law” and the other values he cited like “our institutions” are being scrapped. Very hypocritical!
The one-sided view of racism which ignores the horrendous crimes our people are subjected to including the routine raping of our little girls by older Muslim gangs is typical of the caste: “ First, a concerted attack on racism and soft bigotry. You can't even start to talk about a truly integrated society while people are suffering racist insults and abuse, as many still are in our country on a daily basis. We must also be careful about the language we use. No Muslim I've ever met is offended by Christmas, or supports its replacement with 'Winterval'. But many Muslims I've talked to about these issues are deeply offended by the use of the word 'Islamic' or 'Islamist' to describe the terrorist threat we face today”(2) like Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith’s call to describe Muslim terrorism as “anti-Islamic activity.”
British politics are run by utopians, optimists and Romantic Idealists since WWII - look at the practical consequences. Utopians brought millions of immigrants to make our lives better and, still say it – Cameron is one of them. There is also cheap labour for commerce.
In his 2007 conference speech Cameron spoke without notes, to suggest they were deeply felt beliefs yet he was clearly reciting a script, which said nothing. He asked the audience, “What do I believe?” and answered, “I am by nature an optimist.” We assume his answer meant, “ Everything will turn out well in the end.”
Like other “Caste” elites he has no sense of duty or honour - his political career comes first. Small differences aside the Libs, Labs, and Cons, have the same ideology and Cameron in the speech signalled that he belongs: “I think our diverse and multi-racial society is a huge benefit for Britain.” Anything less and his career is over.
He joined in the Persecution of Prince Harry demonstrating that the non-Conservatives will not defend our people's norms nor the monarchy as traditionally, but are the same as the other mainstream parties, the intellectual and cultural elites, commerce and the media - attacking our traditions and ways to prepare us for utopia. Like all Utopians Cameron is an optimist about the ultimate conclusion of British society in a multi-racial, one-world. Prime Ministers don’t question dominant state- ideology - they slot into it.
Like the others he says what he has to to get elected not what is needed to save the country. The common features of this ilk are Political correctness, ambition and cowardice which prevents them addressing the real problems affecting us. They try to convince us that if we also fantasise that things will turn out well, they will. But things only work out well when done well.
Optimists can’t solve problems that optimists have created. They thought the multiracial society would work because they thought it would. Even though their utopia is a nightmare, they will not face it but make us scapegoats when anything goes wrong by using the all-purpose pejorative “racism” which only whites can be.
The media puff him up as they did with Gordon Brown and the Archbishop of Canterbury. Politicians are always pictured in mid-flow, with a finger raised as authority figures when really they are weak and inadequate. The Daily Telegraph said the speech: “…explained in detail his vision of how to change Britain.” It did no such thing.
It was the same script we get from all establishment politicians - changing this and changing that, but they never make a real point like what they are going to change - what into what, why and how? Our inadequate leaders haven’t got it and hope something will turn up.
What they call change is more of the same in a different guise. They mean repackaging. They’ve set us on this course and they’re determined to see it through, and there will be no change until establishment liars, cowards, and parasites have been replaced by people for whom self interest is not the prime motivating factor.
Like Obama’s inaugural speech Cameron’s vision to the conference had no substance: “We need change for the long term, hope for our country and optimism for the next generation…”. Merely buzz-words - “…change …long term …hope …our country …optimism …next generation,” but no ‘detailed’ explanation of the vision that the Telegraph praised. The only thing he stated with certainty was that he supports mass immigration: “I think this country has benefited immeasurably from immigration”. If immigration isn’t the problem, what is? He enlightened us: “I want to tell you what's wrong with our country and I want to explain what I am going to do to put it right “ …if we really want to tackle crime, if we really want to make our society stronger then you have got to make families stronger and society more responsible …we must make our country safer and greener and give people more freedom and control of their lives…” …families …stronger …responsible …our country …safer …greener …freedom” - more buzz-words without meaning. The population does not see society through the same ideology and have to be browbeaten by moral lectures and coralled by totalitarian laws and a politicised police. Few indeed share his view that immigration has benefitted Britain ‘immeasurably’ and most people were they not frightened of being persecuted by the state and “free” would say so.
What he really means is that he wants people to be free to say what the “caste” want them to say, and to have control over their lives so that the “caste” can manage them in the way they want to. His knee jerk response to faux pas of Patrick Mercer and Nigel Hastilow show what this “freedom” means - persecution of dissidents.
A new kind of Tory? In his 68 minute long conference speech ostensibly about British society he didn’t refer to our Christian traditions or the threat that Islam poses to them. He is on the other side. He interpreted the worries over immigration as concern about the effect it has on services, education, health, housing, and ignored the more important effect it is having on British culture and the dispossession of ethnic Britons.
Then he enthused about what he thinks important – persuading ethnic groups to become Tories. He told the audience they must, “…get out amongst Britain's ethnic minority communities and find the brightest, the best and the most talented and get them in.”
One of “...the brightest, the best and the most talented” members of “…the ethnics ” is Baroness Warsi. He was so impressed by Warsi that he wanted her on board at any price. And when she failed to make it and lost to Labour’s Shahid Malik in the 2005 general election he had her made a Baroness to encourage other Asians. She became minister responsible for ‘cohesion’.
We’re in safe hands. He told the conference, “I am proud that I can stand here with the first Muslim woman of a Shadow Cabinet or Cabinet in Sayeeda Warsi who will be a great talent for our party and our country.” Baroness Warsi is a former immigration lawyer. She was involved with Operation Black Vote and the left wing pro-immigration Joseph Rowntree Trust. Last year she was co-author of a report that made the case for allowing refused asylum seekers to enter the economy.
She is his Lord Ahmed who Blair appointed to the House of Lords, swearing his oath of allegiance to Queen and Country on the Koran. Ahmed was both the first Muslim to be appointed to the Lords, and the first Lord to lead delegations on behalf of the British government to Saudi Arabia for the Haj, or Muslim pilgrimage.
In February 2005 he hosted a book launch for the infamous anti-Semite Jöran Jermas at the House of Lords, where Jermas launched into a fundamentalist Muslims tirade against Zionists. This fawning on immigrants presents us as weak and afraid of them which is what emboldened Ahmed to threaten to mobilise 10,000 Muslims to stop Geert Wilders entering The Palace of Westminster!(3) Jacqui smityh, Home secretary banned Wilders!
In May 2007 Cameron stayed with a Muslim family in Birmingham and wrote in the Observer of 13th may 2007: “Last week, I spent two days staying with Abdullah and Shahida Rehman and their family in Birmingham. The experience has strengthened my conviction about the right way to build a more cohesive Britain... by using the word 'Islamist' to describe the threat, we actually help do the terrorist ideologues' work for them, confirming to many impressionable young Muslim men that to be a 'good Muslim', you have to support their evil campaign.” Cameron’s argument that otherwise peaceful Muslims can be persuaded to embrace terrorism by the mere association of the words ‘Islamist’ and ‘threat’ is either absurd or the ultimate in unintentional truths.
He uses us whites as scapegoats: “Many British Asians see a society that hardly inspires them to integrate. Indeed, they see aspects of modern Britain which are a threat to the values they hold dear - values which we should all hold dear.” It’s our fault, again. I should have guessed.
He revealed the establishment agenda to deculture as well as dispossess us: “Not for the first time, I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around.” (4)To help shift society in this direction Cameron set up the Conservative Muslim Forum, a sort of Tory equivalent of the National Black Police Association, which ‘advises’ the Conservative Party on how best to assimulate us to Muslims. The CMF wants the compulsory history curriculum in schools changed to give full recognition to the “…massive contribution (sic) that Islam has made to the development of Western civilisation".and the “caste” is introducing the same agenda into our schools and teaching our children to see 7/7 through the eyes of the bombers! This is teaching our children to submit to Islam and to cover the terrorists in glory. (5)
Recently, Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari head of the Muslim Council of Britain was calling for Britain to adopt Islamic customs and labelling us a Nazis for daring to question the infinite benefits of Islam. Good old Tory values! Conservative Cameron concludes that British society is collapsing because it’s not sufficiently Asian: “We have a responsibility to change to accommodate immigrants so they fit in”. He’s made this perfectly clear which is why the Conservative Muslim Forum and the Muslim Council of Britain are emboldened to demand that Britain change to take account of their ways and laud their achievements.
Cameron's false Conservatives like Labour are increasing the influence of Islam on this country. Lets end by reminding ourselves what a traditional Tory is: On May 24 1929, Stanley Baldwin, three times Prime Minister, said :“Let us keep this thought ever in our mind: “that each one of us, so far as in him lies, will strive to keep these islands a fit nursery for Our Race”.

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Sir Winston Churchill - Keep England White

"Never never never give up"
Those who call for common sense in immigration are following an honourable tradition of conserving our homogeneity going back at least as far as Queen Elizabeth1 who expelled “the Blackamors” in 1602.

In this fine British tradition Sir Winston Churchill attempted to introduce a Bill to control immigration in 1955. He also wanted the Conservative Party to adopt the slogan “Keep England White”. (1)

The multi-racial idealists ignored warning signs of what mass immigration would lead to when there was plenty of evidence. The Race battles of 1919 in Glasgow in January, in South Shields in January and February, in London in April, and in Liverpool, Cardiff, Barry and Newport in June were not the first.

There had been racial battles in 1870s and 1911 in Cardiff with the Chinese community. In 1919 there were five deaths and serious injuries, whole areas cordoned off by the police and hundreds taken into protective custody. The Times reported the Cardiff battle:

“Racial riots of a grave character occurred at Cardiff during the early hours of yesterday morning. The trouble seems to have broken out simultaneously in several adjacent parts of the city about midnight. A young man named Harold Smart walked up to a constable and complained that a coloured man had cut his throat”

The constable took him to hospital but he died on arrival. This culminated in crowds of whites and blacks facing and baiting each one another. Six Arabs were charged including firing a revolver. It appears the riot grew out of white men objecting to coloured men consorting with white women.

One-Worlder Lord Milner wrote a Memorandum of June 23rd “On the Repatriation of Coloured Men.” ”I have every reason to fear, that when we get these men back to their own colonies they might be tempted to revenge themselves on the white minorities there…”
When Empire Windrush brought immigrants here in 1948 there were race battles: Liverpool again, between 31 July and 2 August, in Deptford on the 18th July; and Birmingham between the 6th and 8th of August 1949 involving immigrants from seafaring backgrounds but the idealists ignored them. The Times reported the Liverpool battle as about 50 persons ”mostly coloured appeared in court after. ..”a gang of negros stoned several white men who were walking peacefully. They were armed with bottles, swords, daggers, iron bars, coshes and axes. The white men hopelessly outnumbered ran away. A Negro club appeared to have been the headquarters of the coloured men, and police officers were stoned and had bottles thrown at them from club windows as they tried to disperse the crowd.”(2)

Despite “the risks involved” they continued with the policy of free entry for immigrants. They kept no records of numbers entering, apparently because the immigrants were, as Commonwealth citizens, British subjects, nor did they give practical support, leaving it to local councils and voluntary organizations. Throughout the 50.s many delegations from local councils of areas effected went to 10, Downing Street, to ask for practical help and funds. On the 21st of November 1952 the Town Clerk of Brixton asked for regulation of immigration.

Churchill first discussed immigration in Cabinet on 25th November 1952 when he asked in Cabinet if the Post Office employed large numbers of “coloured workers”. “If so, there was some risk social problems would be created.” They were from India, Nigeria, the Gold Coast, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Mauritius, West Indies, Ceylon, British Guiana and Malaya.

The postmaster General was asked to report on it. He explained: “...the Post Offices main unions raised no objections to their employment at basic grades.” He added,” If it is felt that coloured workers should not be allowed to obtain employment in this country, I should have thought the proper course would be to deny them entry to the country.”

Churchill asked his staff to find out about problems in Lambeth, Brixton and Cardiff. B.G.Smallman, PS, to the Colonial Secretary, producing a paper on “The Coloured Population of the UK". This estimated the numbers to be 40-50,000 which included about 6,000 students. (3)

Historian Andrew Roberts wrote that The Commonwealth Relations Office worried that with restrictions “ there might well be a chance of the governments of India and Pakistan introducing retaliatory restrictions against the entry or residence of members of the British business community.” Commonwealth Secretary Earl Home, worried that they should not give the impression that Commonwealth citizens from India, Pakistan and Ceylon would be less favourably treated than those from the Dominions otherwise there could be retaliation.

In private interviews Roberts shows the decadence of those around Churchill: “A Minister closely involved in the decision-making process, ‘ In fact…we were just stalling and hoping for the best’… One of Mr. Churchill’s private secretaries, ‘at that time it seemed a very good idea to get bus conductors and stuff’ … a junior minister, ‘it was becoming hard to find somebody to carry your bags at the station’.’’(4 )

On the 27th of June 1953 Sir Winston suffered a stroke that left him paralysed down the left side. After that, he told Butler, “I feel like an aeroplane at the end of its flight , in the dusk, with the petrol running out, in search of a safe landing.”(5) Interviewed by Andrew Roberts his Foreign Affairs Personal Secretary Anthony Montague- Brown recalled that he was “simply too tired to deal with the immigration problem. He could concentrate on a few big issues at a time- like the Russians -and the rest of the time he could only give a steer and not see it through.” (6) I

In November 1952 His Private Secretary, Sir John Colville noted, "He is getting tired and visibly ageing. He finds it hard to compose a speech and ideas no longer flow. (7)

Cabinet set up an Inter Departmental Committee to look into preventing an increase in the number. It reported its findings in December 1953. This Inter Departmental Committee comprised Ministry of Labour and National Service, the National Assistance Board, the Colonial Office and Chief Constables from areas where immigrants were settling.

The Home Secretary was to ask the Inter Departmental Committee, which was chaired by the Home Office, to look into preventing an increase in the number coming for employment. There is a note to R.J.Guppy of the Home Office in The Prime Ministers papers notifying him that Churchill had seen the report in that day's Daily Telegraph "about what is termed an influx of West Indians. He is considering bringing the matter before the Cabinet and would like to have a report from the Home Secretary about it." (8)

January 1954 Home Secretary Maxwell Fyfe reported on the findings of the “Working party on the Social and Economic Problems Arising from the Growing Influx into the United Kingdom of Coloured Workers”. He stated “the unskilled workers who form the majority are difficult to place because on the whole they are physically unsuited to heavy manual work…”(9)

For those familiar with the debate over the veracity of Enoch Powell’s claim in his Rivers Of Blood speech that an elderly white lady was being driven from her home, of the several news cuttings in the Prime Ministers papers is one from The News Chronicle of 7th December 1954 where a 62 year-old white woman living alone in a house full of coloured men asked for an injunction to stop her coloured landlord abusing or molesting her. Judge Wilfred Clothier in giving judgement said that she was “hounded by these coloured men. This is another case of black people entering half a house and never resting until they have turned the white people out. I hope there will be a remedy found quickly. One could be to turn back to Jamaica anyone found guilty of this practice. Another would be a prohibition by law to stop any black people buying a house containing white tenants.” Conrad Fairclough wanted Miss.Matilda McLaren out of where she had lived for 40 years yet he only came here in 1948.

“In Paddington hundreds of houses have been rented or bought by coloured people since the war. Statements are being taken from 2,000 residents who protested to the borough council against “the ever-increasing practice of selling to coloured people houses in which there are already white tenants.” Mr.George O’Connell, a member of the council said to me that a committee formed in the borough would sift through evidence provided by the residents. He hoped shortly to discuss the problem with Sir David Maxwell Fyfe, Home Secretary.”...We are not so much concerned about the effect on values of neighbouring properties as on the white tenants who are forced out by them.”

Churchill’s Private Secretary Montague-Brown to Civil Servant Johnston 2/11/1954 on an article in the Telegraph of 19 Oct in which the Jamaican Minister of Labour said he would not attempt to stop mass immigration. The P.M. thinks this should be brought up in Cabinet.

It is important to note that Commonwealth citizens had the right of entry to the UK and the same rights as British citizens when here. The difference is few came until after the Second war. The British Nationality Act of 1948 did not give them that right but codified it.

This point is made in the following example from the Cabinet Secretaries Notebooks released to the public in August 2007. These are the handwritten notes of Cabinet Meetings. They record that on 3 February 1954 under the item 'Coloured Workers', Sir Winston stated ‘Problems which will arise if many coloured people settle here. Are we to saddle ourselves with colour problems in the UK? Attracted by Welfare State. Public opinion in UK won't tolerate it once it gets beyond certain limits.'

Florence Horsbrugh, Minister of Education and MP for Manchester( Moss Side), added: 'Already becoming serious in Manchester.' David Maxwell Fyfe, the Home Secretary, gave a figure of 40,000 compared to 7,000 before the Second World War and raised the possibility of control. He said: 'There is a case on merits for exclude. riff-raff. But politically it wd. be represented & discussed on basis of colour limitation. That wd. offend the floating vote viz., the old Liberals. We shd. be reversing age-long tradition that. British Subjects have right of entry to mother-country of Empire. We should. offend Liberals, also sentimentalists.' He added: 'The colonial. populations are resented in Liverpool, Paddington & other areas by those who come into contact with them. But those who don't are apt to take a more Liberal view.'

Churchill intervened: 'Question . is whether it is politically wise to allow public feeling to develop a little more before taking action.' Adding that it would be 'fatal' to let the situation develop too far Mr.Churchill conclud: 'Would like also to study possibility of "quota" - no. not to be exceeded.'

Another referred to an "increasing evil" and principles "laid down 200 yrs. ago are not applicable to-day. See dangers of colour discriminn. But other [Dominions] control entry of B. subjects. Cd. we present action as coming into line...& securing uniformity?"

Mr.Churchill said the question was whether it might be wise "to allow public feeling to develop a little more - before takg. action...May be wise to wait...But it wd. be fatal to let it develop too far." (11)

In March 1954 Maxwell Fyfe told Cabinet, “that large numbers of coloured people are living on National Assistance” and that “coloured landlords by their conduct are making life difficult for white people living in the same building or area…the result is that white people leave and the accommodation is then converted to furnished lettings for coloured people, with serious overcrowding and exploitation”.

In a Cabinet memorandum of 8 March Maxwell Fyfe feared “serious difficulties involved in contemplating action which would undoubtedly land the Government in some political controversy.”

In cabinet in October 1954 Mr. Churchill warned Maxwell Fyfe, “that the problems arising from the immigration of coloured people required urgent and serious consideration.” Maxwell-Fyfe emphasised that there is no power to prevent these people entering no matter how much the number may increase. (12)

The discussion that Harold Macmillan referred to in his diary entry for January 20th 1955: "More discussion about the West Indian immigrants. A Bill is being drafted - but it's not an easy problem. P.M. thinks 'Keep England White' a good slogan! Can be substantiated by the Cabinet notebooks for 20th January 1955. This is a transcript:

Coloured Immigrants.

P.M. Need for decision before long.

Anthony Eden. Before Commonwealth P.M. mtg.

Henry Hopkinson. Osborne M.P. is thinking of introducg. Bill under 10 min. rule.

Lloyd George . Depn. y’day from B’ham. No objn. to them as workers. But qua housing. Figures are impressive.

Viscount Swinton. Might consider Cttee. on social aspects, alone.

A.E. Might be useful – to re-inforce action we decide to take.

P.M. Not in favour. Better to introduce Bill. May find we cd. get it thro’. At least we shd. have shown our view.

Marquess of Salisbury. Urgent.

H.H. Movement is starting now in favour of immign. from Barbados.

[Exit H.H. (11)

Just before he gave up the Premiership in 1955 Mr. Churchill told Spectator owner and editor Ian Gilmour that immigration "is the most important subject facing this country, but I cannot get any of my ministers to take any notice". (12)

If Sir Winston had been well we would not know be suffering the gun killings and knivings or Muslim bombings of our people.

Cabinet Secretaries Notebooks covering this period CAB 195/13 was released at the beginning of February 2008. The papers of British Prime Ministers are classified under PREM. PREM 11/824 covers Churchill’s premiership. It has Information requested by the Prime Minister on immigration of coloured workers to the UK and their employment in the Civil Service; deportation of British subjects; powers of Colonial Governments; employment of Jamaicans in the UK 1952-1955

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2 …” ( Panikos Paranyi (ed) “Racial Violence in Britain in the Nineteenth Century.” (Leicester University.1996). The discussions on immigration are classified as our “racism” and usually by Marxist academics who blame us”whites” for any difficulties. See also
British Immigration Policy Since 1939: The Making of Multi-Racial Britain, By Ian R. G. Spencer. (Routledge. 1997)

3 Thee are held at the National Archive. CC100(52)8(cabinet Conclusions on 25/11/1952, CAB 128/25; The Post Master General’s report and the Chancellor being asked to restrict entry to the Civil Service is in CC106(52), 8/12/1952, CAB 128

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10 Cabinet Secretaries Notebooks. The eleventh Notebook (CAB 195/11) (released August 2007) covers the period 3.12.52 - 26.2.54.


11 Cabinet Secretaries Notebooks. The Notebook covering 20th January 1955 CAB 195/13 was released at the beginning of February 2008.
ibid Peter Hennessy, 'Having It So Good - Britain in the Fifties' (Allen Lane.2006) p 224. Hennessy's reference is: Peter Catterall (ed.), 'The Macmillan Diaries: The Cabinet Years, 1950-1957' (Macmillan, 2003) p 382.

The Defensive Alliance against the Axis of Hatred

As we watch the constant Muslim riots throughout Europe it becomes impossible to see our elites as anything other than evil because they know what they are doing. I have written of elites who promote Islam like Prince Charles, the Archbishiop of Canterbury; senior legal figures like Lord Phillips, Justice Butler-Sloss and Stephan Hockman are trying to introduce Muslim laws.
This is what these evil people are encouraging: Anjem Choudary, chief judge of the ‘Shari’ah Court of the UK,’ has announced that “when Islam takes over the UK,” Southall will be made the new capital city. “We will rise up. We will rise up, my dear Muslims. One day we will have the Sharia here. And who knows, maybe even Southall can be the capital of the Islamic state when we conquer it.”
Choudary has urged Muslims to not cooperate with the police in fighting terrorism, and has called for the assassination of the Pope. He is ‘Judge of the Shari’ah Court of the UK.’
Southall is one of the most ethnically cleansed areas of London, where, according to the 2000 census, only 12 percent of the population is indigenous white British. Even that figure is likely to have dropped in the last eight years. The immigrants were first brought in as cheap labourfor Wolf's Rubber factory.
We have known for a long time that the elites are trying to destroy their own people and way of life but it is now clear they also introducing masses of Muslims who hate Jews in order to bring about a holocaust in this country. Anyone who watched the recent Muslim raids on the Jewish Golders Green area will wonder why no one opposes these evil elites. Well, the demonstrations outside the Israeli embassy give the clue: an axis of hatred between Socialist-Totalitarians and Muslims. I mentioned Brown and Lord “Mandy” trying to give Saudi Arabia more financial influence over Western affairs presumably to leave Israel even more isolated. (1)
As I write this Jews are being attacked by Muslim gangs all over London,with the british media inciting the attacks as they do against the BNP!(2)
Britain has thwarted several terror plots, including a scheme by a British Muslim to blow up the New York Stock Exchange and other landmarks, and a plan by Muslim extremists to use liquid explosives to blow up as many as 10 flights between the United States and Britain but will not always succeed. There was even an attempt by Muslims to capture and behead a Muslim soldier who is serving in the British army.
In December 2006 Home Secretary John Reid revealed there were thirty investigations into Muslim conspiracies to plant bombs and murder innocent people under way. There is supposed to be 1.5 million Muslims in Britain, which is a great underestimate, and 300 Muslims in the military which makes them traitors to their people.
There is the largest population of Pakistanistanistanistani immigrants anywhere outside Pakistanistanistanistani, many of whom complain of anti-Muslim bias. Militant opposition to us is growing among younger, second-generation Muslims, which was been galvanised by war criminal Blair’s illegal invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. In a poll published by the Daily Telegraph 40 percent of young Muslims said they would prefer to live under Islamic law in Britain. One in eight said they admired groups such as al-Qaida that are”prepared to fight the West.” Yet still the elites bring them in.
I ask you, gentle reader, sit and contemplate the folly of bringing people of a different religion and with communal aspirations different from ours into our communities then bombing their women and children in their own countries! This convinces them that we are their enemies.
Sharia law is now being operated in many of our cities. Western elites pretend that if we are nice to them they will be nice to us, but we cannot transcend our historical vissisitudes and grudges to make the world nice. Our Government are compromising the safety of our people and are sneaking immigrants in and if we appeal to their good will we will all get on nicely together.
The catalyst for the Muslim bombings in London was the invasion of Iraq but the originating cause is that Muslims do not like us or our ways and want to change them to something more suitable to them. We have nothing in common.
The Sunday Times of March 28, 2004 reported that former immigration minister Beverley Hughes personally authorised a policy to allow tens of thousands of migrants into Britain without adequate checks. She was cleared by an internal inquiry into the “fast-tracking” of immigrants until new evidence showed she approved far more than she admitted.
British-based terrorists have carried out operations in Pakistanistanistanistanistanistanistanistan, Afghanistan, Kenya, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Israel, Morocco, Russia, Spain, and America.
Many governments - Jordanian, Egyptian, Moroccan, Spanish, French, and American - have protested London's refusal to shut down its Islamist terrorist infrastructure and its refusal to extradite wanted operatives. British Muslim communities shelter extremists and illegal immigrants.
The excuse is: Palestinian terrorists do it because they are impoverished, lacking opportunities and enraged by direct Israeli action on their communities; In fact they glorify suicide bombers as ' shahid '(martyrs) and terrorism is part of the Palestinian mentality. Similarly, British extremists are not poor Muslims suffering racism or poverty but middle class, Muslims born and educated in Britain have been taught in mosques on our streets. They are an “enemy within”, that does not have to invade because it was imported by our elites who pour tax payers money into their communities, such as Bradford, Burnley, Oldham and Keighley.
A Totalitarian law against Religious hatred has been introduced at the request of Muslim leaders. I wonder if this analysis of the imminent racial war in Britain is classifiable as “inciting religous hatred”. If so I am liable to seven years in prison.
There is an alliance between Socialist-Totalitarians and Muslims. The Labour-Islam axis used taxpayers' money to help finance the London suicide bombers. Leeds City Council gave over £125,000 to premises and projects used by the Edgware Road bomber Mohammad Sidique Khan to recruit and train his terror cell. It was spent on for building work and equipment at two Leeds properties they used and Al Qaeda away-days, like the whitewater-rafting trip used as a 'bonding' activity before they planted the bombs. Khan received massive funding for four Leeds-based Muslim youth groups. He got £106,000 for the Leeds Community school, based in Beeston, where some of the bombs were made and the necessary secrecy was obtained by a council grant of £1,582 ”to improve security" at the premises. Khan also got grants for the Iqra Learning Centre, a Muslim bookshop which distributed videos glorifying suicide bombers; and £16,000 for equipment for a Muslim boys only gym in the basement of a mosque in Hardy Street, Beeston, where he recruited two of the other 7/7 terrerists, Shehzad Tanweer and Hassib Hussain. The gang had a £1,535 grant to the Youth Support Service to take Muslim youths on sporting activities and educational trips.
The links are clear even then though Gordon Brown pretended to have only found out after Mumbai! At Shehzad Tanweer's memorial funeral in his home village in Pakistanistanistanistanistanistanistanistan, an estimated 10,000 mourners chanted Jihad, Jihad, Jihad and praised the suicide bomber. Such feelings are kept hidden in Britain, but the truth that emerged showed much support for murder attacks on us across Muslim states. On 27 7 2005 BBC reporter Phil Mackie admitted on Radio 5 Brian Hayes 10 pm programme that the BBC censors the truth about Muslims because the BBC was selective in its broadcasting of Muslim extremists threats.
Pakistanistanistan is one of the countries where the Government recruits immigrants. In November 2006 it was reported that they were advertising for immigrants to come here from terrorist countries. A Foreign Office pamphlet declares: 'Multicultural Britain - a Land of Immigrants'. It encouraged immigrants by telling them of the preferential treatment they get under the Human Rights Act and well-paid jobs. The Foreign Office put it in embassies across the world. It was discovered in Pakistanistanistan.
Blair was personally committed to the intervention in Kosovo to help the Muslims against the Serbs. Likewise, our Government funded the reconstruction of Bosnia. Blair also championed the entry of Turkey into the EU. A major policy promoted by Gordon Brown, as the Chancellor, was development aid, with 33 of the countries receiving British foreign aid being Muslim.
From 1997 British aid to Bangladesh was doubled. The real nature of foreign aid: transferring our money to the foreign elites and political causes supported by our elites. Bangladeshi immigrants in the east end of London have connections with the Communist Party of India (Marxist), France, has many Bangladeshi immigrants; as does Germany. Bangladesh and Islamic Terrorists are moving into the West. The immigrants who don't settle in Bengal, work as overseas agents of CPI(M) in Europe. They organise Labour vote banks to influence our elections and set up organisations to collect money in UK to send to CPI(M) in India and terrorists. Within weeks of coming to power Labour repealed the Primary Purpose Rule that prevented immigrants bringing their families over from Pakistanistanistan, Bangladesh and other Muslim countries.
There are many racial attacks on Jewish people by Muslims. There are Muslim shops all over the UK selling ”The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”. Our Government has introduced a law against “Religious hatred” that carries seven-years imprisonment which protects terrorists. British Muslim communities have always harboured warmongers like Abu Hamza al-Masri, who advocate the murder of Jews and whites.
Many of our elites encourage terrorism not only george Galloway. Ken Livingstone, former Mayor of London, was quoted in the Sun of Thursday, July 8, 2004 defending a Muslim cleric who supported suicide bombings and for child suicide bombings, executing homosexuals, and wife beating and killing Jews. Mayor Livingston called the sheik an honoured guest. He added that the outcry in the tabloid press shows why legislation is necessary to prevent religious hatred. Egyptian-born al- Qaradawi said he had been visiting London for 30 years and was baffled by the fuss. In a pre-recorded TV interview, the cleric called for suicide bombers to kill Allied soldiers in Iraq. In London he spoke in support of suicide bombings by Palestinians in Israel. On BBC2's News Night he urged Iraqis to rise against Coalition forces. If they failed, he said, suicide bombers should be used against them.”
In November 2001 Livingstone said that British Muslims who fought for the Taliban in Afghanistan should not be prosecuted for treason if they return to this country. In an interview with The Telegraph he called on the police to be lenient. "We've got to accept that these people went off because of a deep sense of injustice about what's happening in Israel and the West Bank”. The West should understand that they and the al-Qa'eda network feed off a genuine injustice in the Middle East. Mayor Livingston invited back cleric Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi who described Palestinian suicide bombers in Israel as martyrs. The Crown Prosecution Service said there was not enough evidence to prosecute him on the grounds of his speeches. Mr Livingstone apologised to his guest and called the criticism “hysteria”. Livingston’s remarks to a Jewish journalist being like a concentration camp guard are an indication.
Commenting on Israel Cherie Blair stated She “...understands how people are driven to suicide bombing” This gives encouragement to extremists here too because they identify with the terrorists or “freedom fighters” in Muslim countries. For making general comments on Arabs the BBC sacked Robert Kilroy-Silk, yet, signed the former editor-in-chief of Al-Jazeera. During the run-up the the General Election of 2005 the Labour party issued posters of pigs flying with the faces of Michael Howard and Oliver Letwin who are both Jewish superimposed, but dropped them after protests.
In an openly anti-semitic plea to the Muslim community to support labour, Government minister Mike O'Brien wrote in Muslim World, in early 2005, that “The government has obediently introduced controversial legislation (The law against religious hatred) at the behest of Muslim leaders". The article also implied that Muslims should not vote for Michael Howard because he is Jewish.
O’Brien boasted, ”When the Americans and Israelis refused to negotiate with Yasser Arafat, Tony Blair promptly sent myself as the Foreign Office Minister, to visit Yasser Arafat in the Muquata in Ramallah to convey the message that we had not abandoned him. Tony Blair’s message was clear: we will work with the elected leader of the Palestinians, even if the Americans will not. On the issue of the assassination of the leaders of Hamas, Jack Straw as the Foreign Secretary was the first Western politician to condemn Israel’s actions.”
In November 2003, the European Union's “Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia” suppressed a report on the rise of anti-semitism. The survey had found "many anti-Semitic incidents were carried out by Muslim and pro-Palestinian groups," and so a "political decision" was taken not to publish it because of "fears that it would increase hostility towards Muslims."
Men who fought for the Taliban against our soldiers have been granted asylum, Algerian terrorists have flooded in and countless Iraqi's probably trained and of active age (18-35) have been admitted as asylum seekers. Over 3000 Al-Qaeda terrorists trained in Afghanistan are living here and more enter from Iraq every day. There are terror cells right across Britain as shown by the locations of police raids following the bombings. The July 7th terrorist attacks and the failed suicide bombings two weeks later, the riots here, Sweden and France are part of a religious war against the West and Jewish people.
The terrorists have no central chain of command but instead operate by a unified methodology of terror by using the same techniques of terrorism, they enter countries by immigration and co-ordinate the war for Global Jihad over the internet, through media and supporters in mosques. These Wahhabists hate us yet Western Elites are their allies who, while Muslims prepare for war against us, encourage them here and introduce their laws .
There is such an abandonment of belief in their country, culture and history amongst western elites that they cannot comprehend that Arabs who share our common humanity, have natural instincts that having 3 disparate and mutually disliking ethnic groups in Iraq each with a need for their own territory, culture and religious beliefs will turn against one another is incomprehensible to them.
They are so ashamed of our history that they fail to learn from it. If they considered, to take just one example, the troubles the British Empire caused by introducing Tamils into Indonesia to work on the rubber plantations they might get a glimmer of reality. As it is things are likely to worsen.
It is another example of how western rulers have lost touch with reality and forsook practical wisdom based on common sense and judgement of human nature for abstract reason, universal ideas and the belief that persons are malleable and can be changed to suit a pre – conceived plan.
There have been British born suicide bombers operating in Israel and Iraq. Terrorists know they get favourtism from British authorities and this encourages them to plan bomb attacks on us. The Neo Cons have brought a lot of danger onto Jewish people but we must not lump them all together any more than they should lump all us together as potential Nazis.
The practical wisdom is that we ally with the Jewish community for mutual protection against this axis of Socialist - Totalitarians and the Muslim extremists they are bringing here, funding and protecting by law. Jewish communities in France turned to the Front Nationale for protection from Muslim jihad; in Antwerp, the Vlaams Belang and the Jewish community united against Islamification.
In April 2008 during his mayoral campaign in London Boris Johnson spoke of his pride in his Muslim immigrant ancestry and stated illegal immigrants should be given legal status. Which is not going to give the white and Jewish communities confidence as there are a million plus Muslims living in London. If, as according to some reports, only 10% of them believe in using violence against us then we have Enoch’s racial war. However, Jewish people have an organised reaction force in the CST trained by the police to help defend them and we also need one.
To Conclude: we must work together with the Jewish community for protection from attacks when the terrorists and trained Muslim soldiers in our country start seriously attacking them and they must use their media influence for our mutual benefit not our disadvantage. They have to stop fighting the last war and face what is coming - worldwide Jihad against our two peoples.
Both peoples face the greatest holocaust in human history because most of the Muslim world hate us and are turning on us. We have nowhere to run, this is our homeland into which traitorous western rulers are importing masses of Muslims, and Jews could be stranded, for Israel is surrounded by hostile Muslim states and if Europe and America fall it is will collapse. To prepare we must set up committees to liaise between our two communities to form a realistic alliance of the Jewish community and Anglo Saxon-Celts to defend our two peoples who are the intended targets of the axis and ultimately repatriate all Muslims from our country and America and Europe