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The EU – the Consequences of Creating Eurabia

The media is torn between their duty of informing the public and their wanting to keep sensitive information quiet, however, information does come out in bits and we can piece it together to build up a picture of what is really going on. This is reminiscent of the media cover ups of the rise of Hitler in what was a previous policy of appeasement. We also have warnings that we should heed from highly respected people. We were warned by Vladimir Bukovsky, former Soviet dissident who spent twelve years in psychiatric units, published of secret documents from the Kremlin and must start to take notice. He has warned that the EU is a new dictatorial Soviet Union is of great importance. (1)
What I say to people is neither believe the media nor take my word for it. Check for yourselves — there is much information on the Internet. People can not defend against something if they do not know it is happening.

What is really happening?

The Authorities through Europe have changed sides and are surrendering the continent to islam from a mixture of motives from cowardice, emasculation and hate for the people and traditions. The practical effects are alarming!
Throughout Europe there is a battle for possession of the Continent. This is against European people and also Jewish communities. There are almost continuous riots in France and vicious attacks on white and Jewish people which the media tries to hide
In Malmo, Sweden young white women are hunted down and raped by Muslims and it is no longer for Jewish people to go out in identifying clothes, but the authorities try to suppress knowledge of this. The Daily Express(London) of 26 February 2009 reported that “British Muslims” were acting as snipers and bomb-makers killing our troops in Afghanistan. Army eavesdropping operations have heard British accents among Taliban forces.

In Luton, England, the Muslims Against Crusades group protested against the parade of local regiment The Royal Anglians, or “The Poachers”, on their return from Iraq calling them “murderers”! English people ptotested but the police protected the Muslims.(2)

During the Muslim-Socialist protests against Israel’s raids on Gaza of January 2009, protesters throughout Europe and in London openly chanted “Jews to the gas” while the police looked on.
Cherie Blair's half sister Lauren incited Muslims against Jewish people in Blackburn in a “Free Gazza” demo in January 2009 and the police covered it up. (3)
At a demonstration in Tower Hamlets in the East End of London on 27 June 2010 Demagogic politician George Galloway threatened violence. He warned of 10,000 dead bodies.
To prevent Geert Wilders speaking at the House of Lords, Muslim peer Lord Ahmed threatened to bring 10,000 Muslim protesters outside the Lords. The figure 10,000 is highly significant in the Koran. The army of the Muslims that conquered Mecca without any blood shed were 10,000 men as we are told inthe book of "Muhammad the Prophet" by Maulana Muhammad Ali, pages 128-129). 
Incidentally, Galloway's publishing operation, Asian Voice was funded by the Pakistani government by £600,000 pounds? (3)

The elites submitted to Saudi when they abandoned the bribery investigation into the arms deal between Saudi Arabia and BAE systems because of an explicit threat made by the Saudi authorities. Britain’s former ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, explained that if the case continued, “British lives on British streets” would be at risk.

What is behind the surrender? Well, decadence and, of course, oil and money!
Gordon Brown and Lord Mandelson visited Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states in November 2008. They asked for billions to be put into the International Monetary Fund and, as Mandelson later admitted, offered Saudis some influence over Britain and the West. The Saudi regime is the motor behind the Islamisation of the West as their Wahhabi form of Islam is making Islam dominant in the world by spreading Wahhabi mosques, preachers and educational institutions to promote holy war and convert thousands of British Muslims.

Barclays Bank has had almost £6 billion invested from Abu Dhabi and Qatar. Brown is to make London the global centre of Islamic banking and Britain’s major banks are accepting Sharia finance. Sharia is a project for Islamicising society. Alistair Darling, Chancellor of the Exchequer, advocates Sharia finance.

Islamist ideas are spread through Islamic study centres attached to our universities. Professor Anthony Glees revealed that eight universities — including Oxford and Cambridge — have received over £233.5 million from Saudi sources since 1995.

The EU uses social engineering techniques they studied in Russia in 2005 when the Audio Visual Observatory of the European Council held a symposium in Moscow.

Benita Ferrero Waldner, European Commissioner for External Relations and European Neighborhood Policy, in her speech entitled “Intercultural dialogue: the media’s role”, told selected media representatives from across Europe: “Freedom of expression is central to the values and traditions of Europe. But its preservation depends on responsible behaviours by individuals. By extension, we do not believe the media should be regulated from outside, but rather that you find ways to regulate yourselves.

“In considering the question of self-regulation, I would also ask you to think about the need for monitoring from within your own professional bodies. I am convinced that will have a significant impact… We will identify a nucleus of journalists and analysts around which to develop a structured, sustainable system of information exchange and publication focused on North–South understanding.”

She said, “Europeans know from bitter experience the gravity of the threat racism and xenophobia represent. Indeed, the European Union was born out of the cataclysm of intolerance that engulfed twentieth-century Europe. Our task has been … minimising hatred and maximising reason. And today the European Union stands as a testimony to Europe’s religious, linguistic and cultural diversity. We are a community of values, united by our diversity and our determination to prevent such a threat from overwhelming us again.
… That is why we have set up the Monitoring Centre and why we are continually fighting for equality and tolerance.”

The destruction of Western Europe is taking place through mass immigration and the imposition of totalitarian laws and bureaucratic Human Rights Commissions to oppress dissident patriots. Only a small minority of the Muslim community is involved in street fighting, but the entire community wishes to see Islamic ways dominate the capital cities of Europe.

The World Culture Forum Alliance, founded by the Ford Foundation, is linked to the US Council on Foreign Relations and the CIA, as well as the EU, the European Council and UNESCO. They have admitted they are using propaganda and withholding certain news to manage and control us.

The Anna Lindh Foundation was founded by the Arab League, the EU, the European Council and UNESCO. Traugott Schoefthaler, head of the Anna Lindh Foundation, said: “We will arrange giant Muslim Youth Festivals — like the ‘Images of the Middle East’, which lasted six weeks in 2006 in Denmark.

“We will tackle stereotypes and prejudices and ignorance and change the daily ‘news journalism’ to portray every-day life of ordinary people, which can create identification and fascination — and intercultural understanding. We will tackle our stereotypic images of people from foreign cultures and make new experiments with pictures in public places, in the media and advertising.
“And we will have common projects with people from other cultures. We will develop the intercultural skills of journalists, school pupils and artists and exchange people from these groups with (Muslim) colleagues. We will manage art and cultural productions. We will train the school teachers and influence their education to be multicultural.

“And we will influence the curricula of the schools to become multicultural by means of revision of existing textbooks and educational materials.”

In 1995, EU leaders made a contract, known as the Barcelona Agreement, with the leaders of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean. Its purpose is to ensure mass immigration from North Africa into the EU that will destroy our civilisations in Western Europe. This has been kept from the people even though it will become effective in 2010. Some excerpts will show what we are not being told. This has now blossemed into The European-mediterranean Agreement.
The EU intends to force its subject peoples to respect Islam which means persecuting any who oppose EU sponsored invasion. We are to obey the dictates of multiculturalism to promote tolerance between different ethnic groups in Europe. This targets Europeans, while other groups are allowed their own separate development. There is to be a one-sided campaign against ‘racism’, ‘xenophobia’ and ‘intolerance’. It is meant to be applicable to whites but not other ethnic groups.

There is to be more Muslim influence on radio, television, newspapers and magazines. A youth exchange programme is to bring about cooperation between future Euro-Mediterranean generations as stipulated in the Barcelona Declaration adopted at the Euro-Mediterranean Conference.

Our respective European religions and cultures are devalued ready for the implementation of Islamic mores. The populations of the nine Muslim countries will be given free movement of goods, services, capital and people into Europe in return for political and economic changes. Association agreements have been made with all partner countries except Syria (Euro-Mediterranean Foreign Minister Conference in Naples held on 2–3.12.2003). Negotiations for Turkish EU entrance began in 2005. When the 75 million Turks join Jewish people will be openly attacked in the streets and the EU police will not be able to control it.

Less than a month after 9/11 the EU rulers again surrendered to Islam: “The ministers declined as both dangerous and unfounded any connection between terror and the Arab and Muslim world. In this context the importance of the Barcelona Process was emphasised by everybody as a suitable and recognised instrument to promote a dialogue between equal partners and civilisations. The ministers agreed to work on deepening the ongoing dialogue between the cultures and civilisations, especially wanting to direct attention towards youth, education, and the media.”

Also read the speech by the head of the “Danish Centre for Culture and Development” (CKD) — run by the Danish Foreign Ministry — Olaf Gerlach Hansen, in Rabat, Morocco, 13 June 2005.

The European Union and the European Council plan to destroy our identity: “Cultural policy must avoid the popular distinction between ‘them’ and ‘us’, even mentioning ‘the other’ , as this opens the gate for imposing collective identity on the individual.” Yet they impose the collective identity “European” on all the diverse nations of Europe!

The EU has made cooperation agreements with the Islamic Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, which aims — according to article 5a of its charter — to spread Muslim ways of thinking and living in the entire world (Charter of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization— ISESCO).

Our politicians pretend that we and Islam have shared goals. Margaret Beckett, when British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, told Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten on the 7July 2006: “Our obligation to the values that mean most to us — freedom, tolerance and justice — has grown even stronger and deeper since the London bombs. So has our relationship with the Islamic world, which also shares our common ideals, today.”

The UN is no longer what it was set up to be. The Durban conference of 2005 lifted the veil on reality. The Conference against Racism was meant to pillory whites for crimes of slavery and colonialism but became a fest of anti- Jewishness from Muslim countries.
Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga admitted in the Italian paper Corriere della Sera in 2008, that in the 1970s, the Italian government allowed Arab terrorist groups freedom of movement in the country in exchange for immunity from attacks.

The government of Prime Minister Aldo Moro reached a “secret non-belligerence pact between the Italian state and Palestinian resistance organisations, including terrorist groups. Moro designed the terms of the agreement with Arab terrorists, Cossiga said. “The terms of the agreement were that the Palestinian organisations could even maintain armed bases of operation in the country, and they had freedom of entry and exit without being subject to normal police controls, because they were ‘handled’ by the secret services.”

The security services have operated a similar deal in Britain. On 22 August 1998, the newspaper Al Sharq Al Awsat quoted Omar Bakri: “I work here in accordance with the covenant of peace which I made with the British government when I got (political) asylum.”

This covenant allowed Muslim extremists to plan attacks abroad and develop terror networks here. In 1999 it was reported that each year approximately 2,000 Muslims were trained about Holy War at camps in Britain run by Bakri’s organisation al-Muhajiroun.

In Birmingham and London trainees were instructed in hand-to-hand combat and survival skills. They were sent for further military training in Yemen and Afghanistan. After the London bombings, The Times reported that “a dozen members” of Al-Muhajiroun “have taken part in suicide bombings or have become close to Al-Qaeda and its support network.” He was protected here for 20 years.

In January 2007 Bakri revealed that Islamist extremists were infiltrating the police and other public sector organisations. The Daily Mail exposed eight members of al-Qaeda in the police.
MI5 investigate what the Government instructs them to investigate and ignore what the Government wants them to ignore.

As far back as 4 May 2003, The Sunday Telegraph’s Alasdair Palmer wrote: “Britain has become the headquarters of choice for extremist Islamic preachers, who now have a network of organisations dedicated to sowing pure hatred: hatred of the West, of democracy, and of the values of tolerance and freedom — the very values that give them the freedom to operate here: ‘Your task against the infidel,’ says one video, ‘is to kill their children, take their women, destroy their homes.’”

From 11 September 2001 to the end of March 2008, British authorities arrested 1,471 Muslims for terrorism-related offences. Yet just six months later, The Daily Mail reported the security services were scaling down checks on Muslim terrorists.
In January 2009, the head of domestic security service MI5 revealed that 2,000 people in Britain were involved with Islamist terrorist plots and many more support terrorism through fundraising and propaganda.

Commander Shaun Sawyer of Scotland Yard’s counterterrorism command gave the okay to Muslim extremists when he told the Muslim Safety Forum that security services would investigate “far right” groups who could be planning a terrorist “spectacular” to stoke up racial tensions,” he said.
This focus on “far-right” followed an order to the police to “go easy” on Muslim terrorists.

The London bombings of 9/5 resulted from British security services allowing the development of terror networks throughout Britain. A threat assessment by the Joint Terrorist Analysis Centre a mere month earlier stated: “There was no group with current intent and capability” to commit a terrorist attack in Britain.

Colin Cramphorne, chief constable of West Yorkshire from 2002 until his death in 2006, was mocked for warning that extremist cells ran training camps in national parks, such as the Yorkshire Dales.
It was known that Abu Qatada was running the al Qaeda cells in Spain and Germany from London. The two terrorists who bombed Mike’s Place in Tel Aviv were Muslims with British passports.

Not long after 9/11, the Prime Minister’s office published an analysis of terrorism that showed there was evidence available: “Al Qaeda retains the capability and the will to make further attacks on the US and its allies including the United Kingdom… other cells like those who carried out the tasks must be assumed to exist … al Qaeda functions on its own and through a network of other terrorist organisations. These include Egyptian Islamic Jihad and other North African Islamic extremist terrorist groups, and a number of other Jihadi groups in other countries including the Sudan, the Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan and India. Al Qaeda also maintains cells and personnel in a number of other countries.”

On its website, the Egyptian State Information Service announced in its article “Call to Combat Terrorism,” that Britain harboured seven of the 14 most wanted terrorists. These included one who plotted the failed assassination of the Egyptian prime minister.

In August 2006, the US government put the highest terrorism alert ever for commercial flights from Britain to US after “the liquid terror” attack was foiled.

Michael Chertoff, Homeland Securities Secretary, said that this “plot may indeed be suggestive of Al-Qaeda, but its real incubator is the atmosphere of Londonistan: the political correctness of Britain that keeps British officials from confronting the jihad ideology that spreads in British mosques and Islamic schools.”

A Muslim school in London taught pupils that Christian and Jewish people are “pigs. This is what the EU is importing into Europe.
We are faced with a new beginning and must seize the opportunity. This means leaving the Holocaust Denial era of the party behind and, by examining what is going on around us, as in this article, start discussions with Jewish communities for our mutual defence against this EU-Muslim attack on our two peoples. The BNP have a couple of hundred Jewish members so there are possibilities. I don't think either of us will survive in Europe the way things are going and with 75 million Turks joining the EU authorities will not be able to control Muslim extremists which is why we must organise mutual defence as I have shown.


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  1. Migration and the Changing Face of Education
    Globalisation means that we now all live, work or communicate with people who are different. In this global village, religious faith plays a central role in the way that people understand or from their culture and identity. Human being is a product of his culture, language and faith. There is a positive co-relation between language and culture. Parents have the right to raise their children in faith based schools. Those who object to this right display their contempt for parental rights and sadly intolerance for the religious convictions of others. It is not only Muslims but other communities have been trying to set up their own schools for their children. I set up the first Muslim school in 1981 and now there are 166 Muslim schools and only 11 schools are state funded. There are four Sikh state funded schools. Hindu state funded school was set up in Harrow last year and next year a Hindu state funded school would emerge in Leicester. Even Black community is thinking of setting up its own schools for black children with black teachers.

    A study by Bristol University reveals that a high level of racial segregation in Oldham schools and tension between communities resulted in recent riots in 2001. A report by the Institute for Community Cohesion found that native parents were deserting some schools after finding their children outnumbered by pupils from ethnic minorities. The native parents do not want their children to be educated along with migrant children. Schools in parts of England are becoming increasingly segregated. Many of the schools and colleges are segregated and this was generally worsening over recent years. This is RACISM. The solution is that those schools where Muslim children are in majority may be opted out as Muslim Academies. State schools with non-Muslim monolingual teachers are not in a position to satisfy the social, emotional needs and demands of the bilingual Muslim children. Majority of them leave schools with low grades. They find themselves cut off from their cultural, linguistic and spiritual identities. Muslim children in state schools feel isolated and confused about who they are. This can cause dissatisfaction and lead them into criminality.

    Immigration is an unstoppable face of modern society, and immigrants will need help integrating, but the host society needs to show zero tolerance to non-EU and EU citizens who clearly don't like being here. The second generation of Muslim migrants is facing a huge challenge because they did not think even for a second before that someone would say, 'You are not welcome. Native Brits feel that their culture and language is superior and every Tom and Harry must learn English and forget their own languages, cultures, literatures and poetry. It is the native Brits who need to learn and respect those who are different. Immigrants are also human beings with social, emotional and spiritual needs and demands. They are not just economics for the economic prosperity.

    British children in Spain come with this mentality, wanting to keep themselves to themselves and feel no obligation to integrate into Spanish way of life. The Brits are the most problematic minority group in Spanish schools. They are worst at learning the host language and integrating into school life than any other nationality in Spain's state schools. They have negative attitudes towards integration. They carry a strong sense of English linguistic superiority. They were embarrassed to speak Spanish because the other students laughed at them. Brit children had very little or no concept of Spanish culture or social life. They watched UK TVs and English language radios. Their parents do not speak Spanish nor have Spanish friends. In English ghettos, Spaniards fear to tread. They have no interest in being part of Spanish society.
    Iftikhar Ahmad