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An Odyssey into Reality From Received Ideology

In the Odyssey of Homer, the hero Odysseus wandered for ten years as he struggled to return to his family from the war with Troy. Homer is one of the greatest Dead White Males, a fount of our literature, which held ideas for subjects, quotations and a form of literature for succeeding writers for centuries too come. It was a spring to the greatest literary tradition in human history, English Literature, that is now a drying river. It was a blending of myths and legends organised into the form of a lofty Epic - the story of a hero. In his novel “Rassellas” Dr. Johnson's hero went on an adventure from the Happy Valley into the real world to make “the choice of life”. We are not offered ”a choice of life”: our lives are circumscribed by totalitarian elites.
There are personal Odysseys' when young people go out into the world or complete their rites of passage. They learn about life - they learn how people treat one another, how bad they can be and this gives them a gravitas and a serious appreciation of life.
A variant of this an odyssey from the enclosed world of received opinions created by the ruling elite, to the separate reality of what is really happening in the country. One of the first things we learn is that it is not only “Whites” who are racist. We are supposed to think that it is, and that we are the cause of the failure of the Multi-Racial dream to materialise because we are essentially evil (racist). We realise that other ethnic groups are racist towards us and have hatreds of other ethnic groups. The animosity between Muslims and Sikhs is very fierce indeed. Asylum seekers have fought gun battles in quiet formerly Ashford, Kent. The world we go into is not as we were told it is.

The re-education of Germany after the war by America was headed by Frankfurt School guru Theodor Adorno , with such as philosopher John Dewey and Major-General Robert McClure. Similar methods have since been used to re-educate Europe and the Anglosphere.(1) The new ideology was formed by followers of Freud and Marx and set the standard whereby dissidents were classed as Nazis or Fascists(later racists), the negative part of the dominant multi-racial ideology; it is the yardstick for everything to be avoided like sinning in religion; and the pathologising of the recalcitrant as having mental problems(prejudice) rather than a different point of view.

In this looking glass world we are the innocent victims of a fanatic Ideology called Multi-Racialism. This is the inverse of Nazism with we “whites” as the scapegoat group replacing Jews or the Bourgeoisie. Instead of the thousand year Reich of the Master Race, they are aiming for a Multi-Racial utopia of coffee-coloured persons. The groups Hitler hated, homosexuals, Gypsies and other racial groups are now privileged and almost sacred. Jews were almost deified for a time, but are falling from fashion. We are untermenschs and the inverse lebensraum is the importation of immigrants to replace us.
Public workers are trained to perceive reality in the way approved by the elites. Local councils send employees on a Soviet-style training to teach them they are uniquely racist - Racial Awareness Training, or RAT. If you convince another that they are always wrong then even when you yourself are wrong it looks as if you are right! It is how our negative self-image has been brainwashed into our consciousness. Well, stop! Think! That is dehumanisation. Just sit back and ponder this: You, gentle reader, are being de-humanised to make you feel guilty for things you have not done and to prepare you for dispossession. It is to demoralise you, to sap your spirit, so that you move out of your community without a protest.
As a little vignette of modern evil - RAT. The basis of this was a book by one Judith Katz which stated that racism is inherent only in whites. All other ethnic groups are pure and untainted by sin. The Whites are labelled racist and in a perverse racial persecution are reviled and abused in a sadistic ritual to drive out their racism and to punish them for imagined sins. In these sessions on video, a white blonde-haired woman would be verbally abused until she wept. Is that to promote racial harmony? No: it is a racist attack on us Whites. It is the masochistic confessional that police officers do. For years Teacher Training colleges have imparted the racist slur that only those with power can be racists. The idea is to stigmatise only Whites but stop! Throughout the Western world people of Jewish origin hold much power – the banks, Hollywood, Western media, so the Neo-Marxists are inculcating anti-Semitism in the masses!

Many Multi-Racial myths propagandised as truth melt into air when tested against reality. It is said that Muslims have a superior morality. In Balsall Heath, Birmingham there was a famous street named Cheddar Road. For years it had been a red-light area until the Muslims drove the tarts out. They were driven out by intimidation and harassment not harmonious race- relations. The last one to go was jeered and abused by children and repeatedly had fireworks pushed through her letterbox.
It is a process of ethnic cleansing to make territory suitable for their women and children. Vigilante groups drive round surrounding areas in widening circles harassing women whom they take to be tarts and street drinkers to drive them out. They make places safe for their own wives and children but to them we are “other” and they have no moral sense towards us. They repeatedly capture our young girls in bonds of drink and drugs and gang-rape them. (2)
I remember a simple, unworldly middle-class woman from Oxford Road, Moseley pontificating on how nice to see young Muslim men and White women in Cannon Hill Park “coming together”. Well, they were certainly doing that! She still trusts the elites and thinks they are looking after our interests. What the bourgoise gull did not know was that the White girls get gang-banged until the time comes for the young men to enter into arranged marriages, then they are dropped. This is what young British women have been delivered into by the evil elites; is this all our young women are worth?

The Soviets used to direct labour: our elites direct immigrants into our communities. Like the Soviets they live in special areas themselves, Mrs.Thatcher and John Major for example, live in gated communities, low hypocrites like TV interviewer Jeremy Paxman, beautiful rural villages where they employ immigrants as cheap labour!. (3) This is why he is so aggressive with interviewees he smugly labels racist – his own self-interest.
Hoist by their own petard: Pakistan was the source of hard drugs for years and now many young Muslims have fallen prey to heroine and crack cocaine. I can imagine people being surprised at this revelation, which clashes so mightily with the received prejudices. To those unworldly doubters I say: “Go round the hostels and the Narcotics Anonymous meetings in the inner cities and look!

Here is a practical example of how totalitarianism works. When I wrote “men” I froze momentarily, as I realised that describing them as “men” is no longer permitted. I should have said “persons”. The reason why I chose and used the word “men” was because in my experience the Asians who are addicted to heroine and crack cocaine have all been young men and to say “person” would be to implicate women in something that I have no evidence for and that would be unjust.

We are politically programmed by received ideology not experience. Ideology is a system of abstract ideas aimed towards a future system of perfection that we call Utopias. There is no learning just surrendering to the orthodox views of the time. It is a type of arrested mental development. It is a secular religion and needs an enemy in opposition like religion needs a evil; Whites are the enemy to the ideology of multi-racialism and used as culprits and scapegoats.
Near Craven Arms in Shropshire there is a folly that is (or was) owned by the Film actress Julie Christy. There is always something quaint and humorous about these idiosyncratic buildings. The locals tell of how the owner built it to see his ships returning through the Bristol Channel in the far distance! This folly is well named. It is also innocent.
But if one goes to the hideously desecrated Dover beach one will see folly that is most certainly not innocent! This is the Channel Tunnel, or Mrs. Thatcher’s Folly. Its mouth, like a satanic gargoyle, spews forth those who are coming to take our homes, Communities and destroy our environment. A historical precedent: In 409 A.D. As Rome was overrun St. Jerome wrote some moving lines:” I shall now say a few words of our present miseries…savage tribes in countless numbers have overrun all parts…The once noble city of Mainz has been captured and destroyed. In its Church many thousands have been massacred.” (Epistle 125)
When I was young, I did an a-level in Sociology and we were trained in the Levi-Strauss folly that we are just another culture like primitive tribes somewhere up the Amazon. I suggest that that comparing us with undeveloped tribes is inaccurate. For a nation that is declining from being a world empire the realistic comparison is with previous great empires, which also collapsed. The most obvious is the fall of Rome, but there many others, the Greeks; Egyptians, Hittites; Babylonians; Sumerians. Like us Rome rose from a smaller core area, hit a peak then went into decline. It is idle to look for exact recurrence in history but there is a similarity of symptoms. In the 345AD Barbarians were pouring over the Danube and into Rome as they are now coming out of Mrs. Thatcher’s Folly.

David Shayler the former MI5 spy revealed that in the 1990’s MI5 allowed thousands of members of al-Queda into this country despite repeated warnings from the French secret services and that many of these can no longer be removed because they have been given British citizenship! There are laws of Islamaphobia. At the same time we are told that terrorist attacks on us by Muslim extremists are inevitable. So now you know. Sit and wait to be blown up but if you are rude about the terrorists the British police will arrest you! (4)
It is a combination of Politically Correct ideology and emasculation in our rulers. Those who negotiate the world by common sense can not understand why Taliban fighters who fought against our soldiers are given asylum or why we are sued by people shot by our forces in the theatre of war.

I wish here to sound a warning to Jewish people: like black racist attacks on whites, which are kept secret, another hidden reality is racial attacks on Jewish people by Muslims.
When William Hague was leader of the Conservative party, he was to attend a function with the Jewish Board of Deputies. Some refused to attend because of his outspoken attacks on asylum seekers. I assume that his words raised the awful spectre of the gas chambers, but wait! This looking back to the past for the danger is not to face the future. Do Brits want to harm the Jewish community? Throughout Europe Jews are being persecuted by the Muslims their leaders helped import.

Why should we want to imitate Hitler, a foreign failure? Churchill tried to have a Bill introduced to control immigration in 1955. He had to stand down because of ill health – one of the greatest tragedies in modern history because his successor Anthony Eden shelved it. I wonder if the elites (which includes many of Jewish origin) will admit responsibility for the creation of a potential holocaust against Jewish people by Muslin fanatics here on British soil? All across the country “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” is on sale in Muslim shops!

It is customary for the promoters of decadence to attribute evil intentions to us, to allege that we are actively going about the world seeking to harm those who are different from ourselves. But the Multi-Racial totalitarianism was imposed on us and is having us driven out of our communities. The East End of London, famous for cockneys is almost entirely ethnically cleansed. It is mind-expanding to realise that the elites are what thy accuse us of: They are Racists and White supremacists in the back of their minds but because they have to deny this it is projected on to us. Which see: they assume that the immigrants want to be like us which shows White Supremacy. They deny the reality of changes made to our lives which are harmful to us: the scam of crashing cars, honour killings, forced marriages and producing idiots by first cousins marrying. Rather than proscribe such vile, savage practices the elites force us to accept this.
In the innocent days of the fifties these developments were unforeseeable but more uncivilised consequences of multi-racialism will occur. We need to be armed against these evils and had we kept the defence of our traditional prejudices none of this would have come to pass.

We are tarred with the brush of harbouring evil in our hearts against the incomers but it is reactive not innate. We did not ask for this. I am part of a reaction to try and save our people and communities from an unwarranted attack and if I were not morally obliged to do my duty, I would have stayed behind my plough! The whole Multi-Racial idea was forced on us by deceitful Governments who convinced us that we were in a democracy and as our elected representatives they were acting in our interests. We are living through a great historical phenomenon for it falls to few to live through the destruction of their civilisation in what is one of the most evil attacks on innocent, ordinary, people by their own rulers in the history of the human race.

    (1) Paul Gottfried. The Strange Death of Marxism.(2005); Tomislav Sunic. Homo Americanus: Child of the PostModern Age(2007). There are many books on this often from the victors point of view and often in German.

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